Video Games are Helpful

If you are looking to resist temptation, I have found video games to be very helpful.  It’s something really fun that can take your mind off the temptation.  After about a half hour, I find that my mind has regained control and I no longer desire the specific crossdressing temptation after that.  When a sexual temptation like crossdressing comes up, I feel like I go into a frenzy.  I lose my head and feel like I need to give in.  I can’t think as logically as I normally would.  My body shakes.  I find that playing video games or doing something else fun very quickly can help me regain control and let the frenzy pass so I don’t give in.  And it’s a way to give yourself a healthy pleasure.  I have found that others do the same thing but instead of video games, they take a walk, or some other exercise, or read a good book, or play an instrument they enjoy.  When you deny a sexual compulsion, it’s helpful to have something else you enjoy at hand to engage in instead.

I think this sexual frenzy is in some ways a very good thing.  I think God designed it so that we could sort of let ourselves go in the act of lovemaking, to really enjoy ourselves and be overcome with pleasure.  But the sexual frenzy should always be controlled.  We should never let the frenzy cause us to do something wrong or something we would regret, whether its crossdressing, or pornography, or adultery, or forcing your wife to have sex when she’s not ready.   The sexual frenzy can be controlled.  You just have to make the choice and sometimes do something to take your mind off of it.  On a positive note, I haven’t had a sexual frenzy regarding a crossdressing temptation in a long time.


One comment on “Video Games are Helpful

  1. Hurting Wife says:

    A word of concern….video games can also become addictive, and many are violent.


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