Video Games are Helpful

If you are looking to resist temptation, I have found video games to be very helpful.  It’s something really fun that can take your mind off the temptation.  After about a half hour, I find that my mind has regained control and I no longer desire the specific crossdressing temptation after that.  When a sexual temptation like crossdressing comes up, I feel like I go into a frenzy.  I lose my head and feel like I need to give in.  I can’t think as logically as I normally would.  My body shakes.  I find that playing video games or doing something else fun very quickly can help me regain control and let the frenzy pass so I don’t give in.  And it’s a way to give yourself a healthy pleasure.  I have found that others do the same thing but instead of video games, they take a walk, or some other exercise, or read a good book, or play an instrument they enjoy.  When you deny a sexual compulsion, it’s helpful to have something else you enjoy at hand to engage in instead.

I think this sexual frenzy is in some ways a very good thing.  I think God designed it so that we could sort of let ourselves go in the act of lovemaking, to really enjoy ourselves and be overcome with pleasure.  But the sexual frenzy should always be controlled.  We should never let the frenzy cause us to do something wrong or something we would regret, whether its crossdressing, or pornography, or adultery, or forcing your wife to have sex when she’s not ready.   The sexual frenzy can be controlled.  You just have to make the choice and sometimes do something to take your mind off of it.  On a positive note, I haven’t had a sexual frenzy regarding a crossdressing temptation in a long time.


6 comments on “Video Games are Helpful

  1. Hurting Wife says:

    A word of concern….video games can also become addictive, and many are violent.


  2. Anthony says:

    Good idea! I don’t really play any of the new gaming consoles, but I do own several older consoles to play on. It can help I feel to identify with masculine characters in those games. I don’t have time to play as much as I used to, but this is a great idea.


  3. CD wife says:

    Hurting wife you are absolutely correct and video games are one of the fasting growing addictions. What has been said is just transferring one addiction to another.
    Coming out of isolation talking to another in a fellowship and following a programme are more healthy ways of dealing with the problem
    Perhaps instead of hiding here if you guys swapped phone numbers instead of emails you could pick up the phone and talk when you are in trouble.


  4. thorin25 says:

    Of course it’s not good to transfer one addiction to another. But video games are not much more addicting than basketball or television or eating. It would be utter foolishness to tell an addict to resist his temptations by sitting and doing nothing. We have to stay busy. Video games are a good outlet, and while some people are addicted to them, there is no reason that playing them will automatically make you addicted, no more than basketball, television, eating, or knitting. Furthermore, I can think of a lot worse than being addicted to video games. It’s an addiction that only has one harmful effect, wasted time. Not even wasted money or harm to others. Not very fair to pinpoint video gamers when the vast majority of Americans waste most of their time watching television, shopping, etc.

    And many video games are violent yes, is that a problem? Are you against movies with shooting and war? There has never been any reputable study to show that video games make people more violent in real life. I would think you would be happy that men are being a little more stereotypically men, having some healthy fun competition with other men in video games, instead of sitting around and pretending they are women and looking in the mirror while masturbating. Remember the big picture and try not to criticize every little thing.

    And CDwife, be careful about your assumptions and accusations. Who do you think is hiding here? Lots of us are talking to each other constantly through emails, many of us call each other on the phone, and many of us have accountability partners in real life face to face. Just because someone comments here anonymously, it does not mean they are anonymous with every person in their lives. Just as you are not.


  5. CD wife says:

    I stand by my words Thorin. Perhaps have a chat with a good rehab !


  6. Anthony says:

    One does not really need to engage in ultra-violent games. MANY puzzle and educational games are on the market as well as many non-violent games. I tend to play from the PS2 era back to the original Nes. I recently discovered a neat puzzle game called “Cleopatra’s Fortune” on the PS1! I still find the time to work and take care of all other responsibilities. I’d much rather spend a few dollars on an old game than buying female clothing online. CD’ing, I feel hurts the Masculine Spirit. The sheer number of Men dealing with it shows the feeding of the Jezebel demon that society is embracing.


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