Church’s Response to homosexuality, crossdressing, transsexualism

In this post I will make some general observations about how the church should respond and deal with hard issues like homosexuality, crossdressing, and transsexualism.  But more importantly, this post is about how the church should respond to the people struggling with issues like these.  Of course these issues are extremely complex, and should be thought through by the church very carefully beyond what I have written here.

1.  Safe Haven– The church should be a refuge for anybody struggling with any kind of disorder or deviant sexual desires.  The society judges harshly and unfairly but the church should not.  The church should understand struggling with sin the best of anybody.  The church should be a safe place for people to admit that they struggle with homosexual desires or crossdressing desires, or even pedophilia or beastiality desires.  The church should be caring, supportive, understanding, and help people to fight against their temptations.  The church should recognize that there is a difference between being tempted and giving in to sin.  See my post here – But I was born with these desires.   The church should hold those accountable who are giving in to specific sinful actions, but should not judge people just because they have strange desires.  We don’t choose our desires, but we choose whether to give in to them or not.


2.  Empathy – The church should make every effort to understand what homosexuals or crossdressers or transgendered individuals go through.  Many of the people who have struggled with these things have done so alone.  Many have begged God for freedom from their problems.  Many feel intense guilt, pain, loneliness, and isolation.  Many are continually worried about being found out.  They often struggle with suicidal thoughts because they hate themselves so much.  The church should strive to understand and empathize with these people.  And at those times when its just really hard to understand because its outside a Christian’s own experience, we should continue to love them anyway.


3.  Repentance – The church needs to repent for the many times it has harshly judged people with aberrant sexual behavior, whether they be crossdressers or pedophiles.   We as The Church have criticized people harshly to make ourselves feel good, and swell our own pride.  We have made certain sins out to be worse than others.  Many Christians see homosexuality as the abomination of abominations even though Jesus talked about self-righteousness and pride far more than homosexuality.  Some sins are considered more serious than others in the Bible, but that is not justification for Christians to ignore some sins and point out others.   And the church has failed to suffer with those who suffer.  We must repent.


4.  Forgiving – If people have committed homosexual acts, crossdressed, or even if they have had sex with animals they can be forgiven by God.  They should also be forgiven by us, just like we would forgive anybody else who had sinned with adultery, pornography, jealousy, or pride.  Jesus said that if we don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive us, meaning that true Christians will be people who forgive.  It’s unthinkable that true Christians who have experienced God’s forgiveness would not forgive others.   The church has often failed to forgive others, which we must also repent for.  I think of the story of Jeffrey Dahmer who committed many murders, necrophilia, and cannibalism.  He went to prison, but in prison he came to know the Lord Jesus and had his sins washed away in Jesus.  But many Christians refused to accept that it was a true conversion.  They would rather he be in Hell than for him to be forgiven, because they hated him so much.  That attitude is just wrong.  There is no amount of sin too great to be forgiven by God.  Jesus’ blood is more powerful than any amount of sin in a person’s life.  Of course, some people still have to have consequences for their actions, like Jeffrey Dahmer being in prison, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be forgiven by the church.


5. Community – The church should be a loving community, a family of sorts, where homosexuals, crossdressers, and others who struggle with abberant behavior, can fit in and feel that they belong.  If the church fails in this important task, it only makes sense that homosexuals and transsexuals and others would instead leave the church and seek to find community among other people who share their same desires.  The church should not fear homosexuals and others with strange desires.  Christians should be open to deep friendships with these people.


6. Healing – The church should provide counseling and care to homosexuals, crossdressers, etc. and their families.  The church should provide healing through prayer and support.  The church should be realistic knowing that homosexuals and crossdressers will most often struggle with their sinful desires for the rest of their lives, just like most people never lose their desires and temptations to pornography, anger, pride, etc.  But the church should give them hope.  With God all things are possible.  There have been documented cases of homosexuals and crossdressers who have found degrees of healing with the results of diminished inclinations, greater self control, a supportive Christian community that brings peace and wholeness into their lives, a greater attraction to the opposite sex, and even marriage and children in some cases.


7. True Identity – The church should constantly remind everyone, including crossdressers and homosexuals, of their true identity.  Our identity is in Christ and not wrapped up in the specific temptation that we struggle with.  I am a child of God.  Would I really want to go around saying that I am a pornographer, just because I’m tempted to porn?  No.  Likewise, we don’t need to go around calling ourselves crossdressers, if we are not giving into it.  We don’t have to let it define our identity.  Even heterosexual Christians should not find their identity in their sexual desires.  It’s true that our looks, our background, our education, our experiences, and our temptations all help to describe who we are, but none of those things gives us our core identity.  We are people created by God to love him and enjoy him forever.   Our moral behavior in the past no longer defines us, now that we are born again in Jesus.  1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.


8. Celibacy – The church should lift up the gift of celibacy.  Some people have this gift, and some people are forced into the life of celibacy such as many homosexual Christians, or people who want to get married and are unable to find a spouse.  The church must affirm that it is okay and good to be single.  Yes, there are challenges, but you can live a perfectly full and mature life even if you are not married.  You will miss out on some life joys and pleasures, but experience other freedoms and joys.  Marriage is not the ultimate goal of life, for anybody.  We should not make marriage into an idol, and not pressure people into marriage.  If the church did a better job of celebrating celibacy, perhaps more homosexuals would see it as a viable alternative.


9. Sexual Rights –Our culture preaches a message that we all have a right to be sexually fulfilled in whatever ways we want.  Sexual sin is rampant in our society in a multitude of forms. Yet our culture is inconsistent in that certain deviant sexual behaviors are looked down upon or not tolerated.  The church must preach a consistent message, that God has created sexuality, but has given it some boundaries in which to enjoy it.  We must have self-control and enjoy sexuality the way God intended it.  The church must stand firm that giving in to homosexual actions or crossdressing or adultery or fornication or pornography goes against God’s will.  The church must no longer have a double standard, tolerating fornication but not homosexuality.  The church should be quick to have mercy and give forgiveness, but should stand firm that true Christians should be counseled and disciplined by the church if they keep giving in to a certain sin without repentance and change.

The church should also lift up the gift of sexuality that God has given.  It should not be something we fear.  Sex is to be enjoyed within God’s boundaries of marriage.   Think of it like a fenced in backyard for your children, full of wonderful pleasures like a sandbox, swing set, and sports equipment.  God is the parent who wonderfully and creatively designed that backyard for the children to enjoy.  But the parents, God, put a fence around that backyard, around sexuality.  The parents know that outside the fence there is busy traffic, and no more fun and games.  It’s downright dangerous for their kids to go out there.  It only brings death.  The fence also brings security and freedom and takes away the children’s fear.  Without the fence, they wouldn’t be able to have as much pleasure as with the fence there.   God has given us boundaries in sexuality, but has done so for our own good, not to limit us.  There is freedom in obeying God’s commands.  They bring life, not a burden.


Psalm 119:45

45 I will walk about in freedom,
for I have sought out your precepts.

Psalm 119:35

35 Direct me in the path of your commands,
for there I find delight.

Psalm 119:32

32 I run in the path of your commands,
for you have set my heart free.


12 comments on “Church’s Response to homosexuality, crossdressing, transsexualism

  1. Imitations says:

    Just curious Thorin if this was a sermon given to your community? Also, when you speak of church, are you referring to your church or the Christian church as a whole?


  2. thorin25 says:

    Good questions. This was not a sermon given to my church. But I have tried to address some of these things in my preaching and teaching and in conversations with church members.

    I am talking not about my church, but “the Church”, capital C, the universal church. I maybe should have capitalized it throughout the post. So I am including all individual Christian churches of all types and denominations. But I also think that corporately, the Church should address these issues. Obviously we don’t have enough unity to do that all together. But each denomination should address these issues, sometimes making public apologies, or repenting publicly, or making public statements of belief about these topics to help guide their churches.


  3. Imitations says:

    On the surface you ask for understanding and caring, but in truth the Church has no understanding at all what is to be “dissimilar” from what the Bible considers to be “normal.” They continually try to change a chicken into a duck by thinking since they are both birds, lay eggs, have feathers, have a bill and can fly; the chicken is an abnormality because it can’t wade in water. By taking the bible as a literal fact, all human life becomes black and white with no grey area whatsoever. Humans are male and female and by any questioning of that “fact” those who do not fit the model will be seen as sinful if they live their lives in the “normality” they see themselves to have been fashioned.

    Locked into this mind-set there is no way out. One remains in the box of closed mindedness, unable to rotate the cube of our human existence by insisting it is a flat surface. Freeing oneself from this judgmental way of thinking takes courage and honest commitment. Unfortunately, the Church is unwilling to see that each and everyone one of us must find our own salvation within our own soul as the individual God created.

    I do not discount that “organized religion” can offer help in that quest, but as an adult, my parents (the Church) can only give me so much before I must take responsibility for living an upright and honest life as I see fitting the person I am. Conversely, a good parent (the Church) understands that at some point, they must let go and allow the child “to be.”


  4. thorin25 says:

    I disagree Imitations, though I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts. Just because the Church has made judgments about what they think to be true, what they think to be right and wrong, does not mean that they cannot be loving as well. You also make judgments about what is right and wrong. Christians use the Bible to make those judgments, believing it is God’s revelation to us. If we have to cease making any type of judgments in order to be loving, than none of us would be able to be loving (because we all make judgments). Besides, loving someone or understanding their actions does not mean accepting whatever they do. Our culture tends to think that, but it’s just not the case, or at least not what I mean by love or understanding.

    To be blunt, the Church is no more close-minded than you. The Church believes what it believes and you do as well. You are just as judgmental as the Church. The Church judges people to be doing something wrong when they commit certain sexual sins. You are judging the Church to be wrong and at fault for their beliefs. However, I do not think you or the Church is close-minded. Close-mindedness is not when people make judgments. Close-mindedness is when people make judgments and refuse to ever change them even if presented with new evidence and ideas, or when people refuse to listen to others and hear them out before making a judgment. Sure, the Church has done this at times, but overall, I would say the Church is not close-minded.

    The Bible is either true revelation from God or it is not. The Church either has to throw the Bible out, or accept what it says as being truth and what God wants for our lives. For the church to do anything else, is asking something impossible of the Church.

    And, per your last paragraph, a good parent cannot force their child to do anything. But a good parent would never encourage a child to do wrong. Are you going to just let your child be if they become a murderer, or get addicted to drugs, or refuse to work? Granted, sexuality is a bit of a different thing, but the same applies. A good parent doesn’t just let it go. They may not be able to force the child to do anything once it is an adult, but they surely would keep trying to guide and encourage the child in the right direction. It would be a sad church who just let their children “be” and not try to help them get back on the right path.


  5. Imitations says:

    What you do not appear to understand Thorin is that a homosexual IS a homosexual and NOT a heterosexual. By stating that you would… “greatly love to see a homosexual president” or …“I grant that its true people are born with their desires” and again,…” Whether these desires developed through biology or nurture, most of us did not choose to have them;” you make it quite clear you acknowledges there are people born different then you or I.

    But then your rationalization of this fact breaks down completely by confusing human behaviouralism like crossdressing, pornography or incest – in the same light of the homosexuals desire to express his or hers love in the sexually innate manner that is “normal” for them as it is for the heterosexual. Let me repeat: a homosexual IS a homosexual and NOT a heterosexual. Anger, pride, and stealing as you have correctly mentioned, can be found across all spectrums of humanity, but to consider these “behaviours” as one in the same as a homosexual person’s desire to express his or hers emotions sexually is absurd.

    This I see is a common error so many well meaning church-going-people make. Their manner of “accepted biblical truth” cannot allow that by being a homosexual and NOT a heterosexual, they act upon their “natural” desires in the same manner that you and I as heterosexuals do. How can you not see how condescending this is? They will allow them to be the leader of their country or even their church; be responsive to every human emotion possible, but god forbid they be the person they were born to be, even when those very church-going-people acknowledge they are different then themselves.

    If those like yourself acknowledge that some people are born NOT heterosexual, how is it that, other than “Thou shalt not,” they are not allow to express their longings to love and to act as you and I in a manner their innate emotions intrinsically allow them to feeling? I respect our virtual friendship my friend and you’re right to hold the beliefs that you hold to be true (for you) but when I read…” But since I know what homosexuals are going through, I can also hold them accountable. If I can resist crossdressing, they can resist homosexual behaviour” it tells me you really have no understanding whatsoever of what “being” homosexual and NOT heterosexual is. This is my argument against organized religion as it appears to see a person as one dimensional and only as someone – you aren’t and if they aren’t you, you can only accept the bits of them that appear to be you and dismiss the rest.

    The church “does” judge others even when it cannot see itself doing so my friend. The church does see others, solely by virtue of what it believes biblically and in turn, it feels perfectly comfortable by virtue of its belief system, to dismiss or disallow others to act upon the basic human instinct of expressing their love for one another that its members being heterosexual assent for themselves.Nothing has really changed from biblical times…No wonder Jesus was so reviled by officialdom for entering the houses of tax collectors and prostitutes.

    In my lifetime I can remember people being born left handed and cleaver, intelligent and well meaning people out of love and caring, tried to normalize that which was not normal for them. In the middle ages Matthew 25:31-46 was seen as justification to see left handed people as being possessed by the devil. The pity of all this is of course, people follow the same line of thinking today as the biblically correct cannot see beyond the rule of law.

    They cannot see, or refuse to believe, that their intellect; similar to the “left-handed correctors,” allows them to think all people should follow the path of the majority or the “normal.” However, it is sad in so many ways to see in addition to normality, homosexuals, while being “loved” by the church, are also reviled by those so captured by “The Good Book,” that it controls their life and allows them, with perfect rationalization I might add, to judge others that do not fit their values. “The Book” becomes their life and as such, an object of worship without reason, or as a Rev. Friend of mine says …a false idol. For if an idol be an image or an object a person regards with blind admiration or devotion; then I cannot think of a better word that illustrates this manner of judgmental thinking. To love someone “unconditionally” is to allow others to be themselves in an honest, religious and truly adult manner and not be equated in a condescending way as children who need to be fenced in for their own protection, by a church who has all the answers for the manner in which others should conduct their lives.

    Take a look at your hand. There are millions of cells there and blood flows those veins. They combine to make you, you. A creation unique among all others in this world. Likewise your brain contains billions of cells and again, unique to you alone as a creation of God. Yet this means nothing if being given this distinctiveness one becomes enslaved in morality and sees every action and every thought undertaken being subject to biblical context; a context that does not allow others or themselves and the billions of cells that make us all who we innately understand ourselves to be, a puppet to words and doctrine. If you believe you must save your soul that is fine, but to disallow the souls of others to develop and attain the saving grace they must find in themselves is I think, quite another thing if not arrogant. Yes we are all sinners but if one cannot, like the Pharisees, see beyond the words and the Law, they have missed the point of Jesus’ priesthood.


  6. thorin25 says:

    Woah, long response 🙂

    Think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this, otherwise we’ll start writing books back and forth to each other. But here are just a couple thoughts in response. Okay my couple thoughts turned into a fair amount.

    You said – “Anger, pride, and stealing as you have correctly mentioned, can be found across all spectrums of humanity, but to consider these “behaviours” as one in the same as a homosexual person’s desire to express his or hers emotions sexually is absurd. ”

    In reply – You think it is absurd to consider homosexual behavior sinful like anger or pride or pornography is sinful. I understand why you would say that. Some sins clearly hurt others, and it’s hard to think about how homosexuality hurts others. But I don’t define behavior as being good or bad or sinful or not sinful only on the basis of whether I can see how it hurts others. (I happen to think homosexual behavior is harmful to society and to the individuals giving into it, but that isn’t the point). The main reason I think homosexual behavior is wrong, is because of what God teaches us in the Bible. I understand this isn’t enough for people like you, and that’s okay. I won’t be able to convince you. I’m going to do a blog post soon about how we know what is truth. For me, I have multiple sources for truth just like you do. But the Bible is one of my sources.

    You say the Church won’t let them be who they were born to be. Well that’s true. But the homosexual who wants to behave that way has many options to join other groups and churches who don’t condemn it. The Christian faith is based upon the Bible, so it would be a presumptuous homosexual who would try to get a church to be okay with his or her behavior while being a part of that church. If we throw out the Bible, we throw out any basis for knowing the truth of the Christian faith.

    The Church doesn’t let ANYONE be born who they were born to be in a very real sense. I have wrote about this in other posts. Jesus calls all of us to die, and follow him. None of us can be who we were before. We all give up our old identities, our old selves, to follow Jesus. All of us are transformed. All of us give up following our old sinful desires. Yes, homosexuals can’t be who they were born to be, and we can’t either. We all have to resist desires we were born with. For me some of the dozens of things I could mention are selfishness, pride, and crossdressing. For a homosexual, maybe its homosexual behavior and jealousy. We all die to our old selves when we come to Jesus. Unfortunately, many Christians in this country talk like they have always had it all together and they are normal and perfect, and they want homosexuals to die to themselves to become like them. But I would say to a homosexual, come and die together with me, we will both die to our old desires, and both learn together how to follow Jesus.

    And I don’t believe I said the Church should never judge, but only that it should do so with love, care, and understanding. And the Church should focus on judging those in the church, not those outside it.

    I grieve the church’s mistake in judging left-handed people, but it is a logical leap to say therefore, we are incorrectly judging homosexuals as well. That would have to be proven.

    I firmly believe the Bible can become an idol. It is not God. But it does not become an idol, simply by believing it to be true, and that we should base our lives on what it says. That is not worshiping it as God which is what idolatry is really about, or prioritizing it over God.

    You say – “Yet this means nothing if being given this distinctiveness one becomes enslaved in morality and sees every action and every thought undertaken being subject to biblical context.”
    – To that, I say read my new blog post on Psalm 119 and freedom.

    You say – “If you believe you must save your soul that is fine, but to disallow the souls of others to develop and attain the saving grace they must find in themselves is I think, quite another thing if not arrogant.”

    I do not believe we save ourselves by being who we were born as, or by finding saving grace within ourselves. That my friend is what idolatry is really about, finding salvation in ourselves, rather than in God. I believe I was born broken, messed up, and sinful. There is no saving grace within me. It is only a free gift of grace through Jesus.

    You say – “Yes we are all sinners but if one cannot, like the Pharisees, see beyond the words and the Law, they have missed the point of Jesus’ priesthood.”

    The Pharisees were not sinful because they believed in God’s Law which is what you seem to be arguing. You are wrong. There were sinful for a few reasons. 1. They obeyed God’s law not out of love for God but out of pride and being seen by others. 2. They went beyond God’s law, making God’s law a burden rather than freedom. They didn’t only obey what God said but added layers upon layers of human teaching and tradition that was pointless and impossible to obey. 3. They thought they could earn God’s pleasure and grace by obeying him, rather than realizing that God has already given us grace, and we obey him out of gratitude, but not to earn anything. 4. They viewed drunkards and prostitutes as more sinful than themselves, and did not love them, like Jesus loved them. As a matter of fact, the Pharisees were more sinful that these people in their pride and lack of true love for God.


  7. Imitations says:

    You are correct my friend. We will agree to disagree. I do enjoy the dialogue despite the fact that we fail to see eye to eye on literal interpretation and mythological understanding. Heck of a lot of fun just the same. I will close with a short commentary on your reply and then will leave the topic.

    I don’t want to put words in your mouth but my observation of your thoughts goes like this:

    You allow that homosexuals exist; you allow as well that they were born the way they are. You also allow that heterosexuals exist and allow they are born the way they are. May I assume as a Christian, you also believe that human birth is a gift and blessing from God (albeit tarnished by Adam and Eve?) If that is the case, if they are born as they are, and you and I are born the way we are, that puts us both on an equal footing so my question then is this:

    Given that homosexuals are born and not made, (my believe perhaps not yours?) should it not follow that if God created a person as a homosexual he must have made a mistake, for why would he create something that you say he abhors? You see, I just don’t understand how one person being born one way and another being born another way, one is allowed to have sex with one’s wife as and expression of one’s love for her yet the other person, born of God and created by God is not allowed the same right with their partner as well. Could it be that Christians really do not believe that people are “born” as homosexuals but believe they somehow chose to live a “life style option?” Is it possible that they also believe all homosexuals live a promiscuous life (like many heterosexuals) and therefore it would be impossible to be homosexual and live life in a committed relationship?

    As I said I’ll leave it there. Hope you don’t mind me knocking on your door on occasion.
    Take care


  8. thorin25 says:

    I do enjoy the dialogue as well, have no worries about that. I just say we agree to disagree, just to let you know I might not write out my full argument that would take pages and pages. Not that I don’t enjoy the dialogue, just that on some of these issues its easier to agree to disagree then to take time to write out 10 pages 🙂

    I do believe many homosexuals are born the way they are. There seems to be some good biological evidence to support that notion. There is also good biological evidence that some people are born with a tendency to anger and other things we would say would be sinful to act on.

    I also agree that we as heterosexuals are on an equal footing with homosexuals that we are all created by God. And yet we are also on equal footing in that each and every person is born into this world broken physically and emotionally. None of us have perfect bodies. There is disease and dysfunction, one of the results of Adam and Eve bringing sin into the world. Everything in the world bears the stain of sin, so its no longer a perfect place. This does not mean that a blind person is blind because of their own sin or their parents’ sin, but it is because of living in a fallen world.

    Everyone is also on equal footing in that we are all born sharing the guilt of what Adam and Eve did. Not only do we share their guilt as humans, with them as our representatives, but we also all share the same tendency to hate God and sin. All of us have improper desires in a multitude of ways, most importantly that we worship ourselves or the creation over God.

    Your question about God making a mistake doesn’t just apply to homosexuality. Ultimately you are asking about the problem of evil. Your question fits homosexuals just as well as it fits people like me born with crossdressing desires. Just as much as it fits people who are born blind. Or people who are born as hermaphrodites. Or people born with abnormalities, or diseases, or disabilities. Did God make a mistake with these people? I don’t think it’s fair of you to separate the homosexuality issue out from these. You separate it out, and you think Christians would never say God made a mistake, therefore homosexuals should be allowed to give in to their desires. But it’s not right to separate it out. Otherwise, let’s also say that someone born with pedophilia desires, also should be allowed to act on it, because God didn’t make a mistake with them either.

    To these general problems which all equally seem to be mistakes by God, I would say not that God made a mistake, but that he allows us to feel the effects of the sinful world that we caused. He allows us to live in this broken imperfect world. But he did promise to rescue us and make this world new, and forgive us for our sins, and the way he is doing that is through Jesus.

    I do believe that many homosexuals are born with their desires. I do believe that a homosexual can live in a monogamous committed loving relationship. I personally know several who are doing just this. (I have heard their stories and listened well). I just don’t think there is any logical connection to saying that because I was born a certain way therefore it is okay for me to act on those desires. I have yet to see an argument like that that makes logical sense.


  9. Imitations says:

    I just looked in the mirror and noticed this big red spot on my forehead. Thinking I’ll stop as the wall is showing signs of damage as well……LOL


  10. thorin25 says:

    The reason we both keep coming up to a wall against each other really comes down to our different views of the Bible. We either can try to convince each other to change our views on the Bible, which might be fun. Or we can accept that difference of view, but still read each others blogs and enjoy learning from each other about various things. But I really think we will get no further on this argument unless we dug in about whether the Bible is true or not.


  11. Imitations says:

    I know I can be a down right pain at times (so my wife tells me) but I sense we can dialogue nonetheless, each in his own realm of thought. It is never a bad thing to converse for without it one would remain closed minded. I’ll continue to knock on your door on occasion and if I get to rowdy or to personal, you can chuck me out. How’s that…
    I enjoy the banter Thorin.


  12. Andrew says:

    Ok I will add my 2 cents for what it is worth. First I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ who is God and Holy Spirit and I have prayed to all 3. My walk is one of faith and one that has included the sin of crossdressing, homosexuality, adultery, lying and deception as well as a host of other character defects. My life is more defined as being in relationship with God not in or about religion whether organized or not. God as the omnipotent, omnipresent being that he is, I believe created male and female and just as man has tried to put God in a box or delineate between denominations or use religion as the ultimate scapegoat, in the end God is God and I am not. Yet even as I write these words I know that the God of the universe has chosen to live in me and all who will call on him. I know that when I am in my truck and I am praying that the very God that is I AM hears every word I utter and cares more for me than I care for myself. I also know and have expressed that the church has done the gay community or LGBT community a great disservice by not loving them as they might have. Jesus called out the woman at the well in John but in the end said to her “go and sin no more.” I am sure that woman could have said “that is the way I am, I just like men” At any time we can justify anything that makes us feel good or gives us pleasure. I want to reach out to all who are hurting and love them all with as close as I can get to agape love in spite of our disagreements. But in the end where will you spend eternity because one is not born a christian and one does not just give intellectual assent that yes there is a God, and Jesus was his son and oh yeah I know there is a Holy spirit. We are called to follow him and lay down our lives, die to our former selves. I know that to be the truth for myself and homosexuals who choose to stay in that lifestyle as well as crossdressers such as I was and any other sinner. For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. And guess what I am still a sinner and will be till Christ takes me home so we are no different male, female, slave or free abberant sexual sinners or not God cannot be around sin whatever i want to rationalize or intellectualize about it. I must therefore need a savior to be back in communion with the very God that created me and that is only through his son Jesus Christ. So, Imitations that is the truth as I have literally felt it in my life. I had to trust Him with my entire life to find true happiness and peace and joy and release from the bondage of crossdressing, homosexuality and the other sins that I had committed. I wish you a joyous Merry Christmas this season and pray that God’s Holy Spirit would impress himself upon you to see that truth is not relative but found in the live person of Jesus Christ.


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