Nail Polish for Men?

Just saw this news article – Nail Polish For Men.   Was reading a friend’s blog yesterday about how he hopes that in the future products like dresses would be available for men in the mens department.  Well it seems our culture is slowly moving in that direction.   If there is nail polish for men, why not skirts for men?

I’m not sure exactly what to think about this.  I think culture and dress should gradually change.  At first, women wearing pants was seen as crossdressing, but I’m glad for that gradual change and I know my wife is glad for it even more so.  But I am also glad that women’s pants are still shaped and cut and designed slightly differently than mens, so that while men and women both wear pants, there are still differences.  I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal if they were gender neutral though.  But I’m glad women are not wearing mens pants, but rather pants cut for women.

In the same way, I guess that is what this company is doing, making specific nail polish for men, that is different from nail polish for women.  But, I don’t like this change to be real honest.  It just seems to be crossdressing to me.  Just because a company markets something doesn’t make it normal or okay.  I still see nail polish as something only for women in our culture.  It would take a long time to change that.  Of course, there is no real practical reason that it should just be for women, but that is what we are used to.

I think a lot of these companies make stuff like this just as a stupid gimmick, or because its a cool thing these days to dress in metro or unisex ways, or to gender bend in normal dress.  I don’t think it’s cool.  But if this is the way of the future, so be it.  Like I said in another post, I think it’s fine for culture to slowly change, even for one day men to be able to wear dresses cut for men.  But I don’t think we as crossdressers should be the ones pushing that change.  It’s too dangerous for us because we are doing it for more than just comfort and style and wanting to slowly change the culture.  And I think cultural change needs to happen among the whole culture.  Women wearing pants might have started small but it gradually took over, so that 99% of women wear pants.  I’m going to consider nail polish for men or dresses for men to be crossdressing until the whole culture takes it on as okay.  If just a few rebellious individuals dress differently, I don’t count that as true cultural change to make something no longer crossdressing.

Those are just some random thoughts about the article.  What do you all think?


6 comments on “Nail Polish for Men?

  1. Imitations says:

    Don’t you just love blogging? I know I do. Just being able to write our thoughts and allow others the chance to view them and make comments (in a polite manner of course) allows us to turn the cube of our opinions over to review the other side. This is a great blog Thorin and if I may add my on thoughts:

    Our manner of dress is very much defined by the culture and society we live in and I should also think the climatic environment as well. (lol) Pants for women were very practical during the war years when many women were engaged on the home front in manufacturing due to the shortage of manpower. When women first donned “pants” there were no off-the-shelf trousers for riding horses or working in munitions factors.

    After the war the wearing of pants became an acceptable part of female appeal as long as they were designed and appeared “as” female i.e. the zipper was on the side of the pants and not in the front. Then came the sixty’s! Styles changed and the zipper moved to the front and what a commotion that caused. I wrote about this in a blog called the “The Innocuous Zipper” which you may find of interest with regards to women’s fashions and my sister’s attempts to stay in fashion.

    As I read your blog I wonder what you mean by – you are happy women don’t wear “men’s” pants. The cut of clothing I suspect is not meant to show a degree of difference between male and female so much as it is for comfort and body shape as one would think, other then this difference, there are no other in determining or assigning which pair of pants belong to which gender. But I stand to be corrected if this is not the case.

    Regardless, much of the history of what women and men wear is, aside from practical purpose and comfort, based on maintaining an unwritten code (biblical belief of course would say otherwise) of what each gender “ought” to wear in order to be approved and be acceptable in society. In the last 30 or 40 years, perhaps due to the feminist movement, women have been able to wear pretty much any form of clothing they feel meets their personal tastes without being seen as crossdressing or transgressing lines of gender and the reason is I suspect, because the clothing they choose to wear does not visually change their sexual identity or make a blank statement they wish to be men or who they prefer their sexual partner to be.

    Males on the other hand, as you have correctly inferred, are not as yet given this allowance for the reason that they are subject to a far stricter code of maintaining their gender appearance, there are women. I think because our Western patriarchal culture believes males hold a higher position within society then do females, those who brave attempts to wear an article of female apparel, regardless if were cut for them or not, subject to manner of sexual innuendo or are perceived to be lowering their gender status and choosing female values over masculine ones by sacrificing their manliness for female characteristics. In their method of dressing, males are instructed by our culture to represent their sexual identification far more than women, and thus society implicitly uses clothing to make assumptions about a male’s character and therefore, any male seen to cross the line of approved gender identification, is understood to be suffering from a mental disorder or is a sexual deviant.

    I like you; even though I see nothing wrong with it per se, think this “new” manner of dress would have to take a quantum leap across the culture spectrum before I would feel comfortable with my choice of wardrobe, the colour of my hair, nails or any make-up I would like to wear on occasion. I have painted my toe nails simply because I like the colour and appearance even though I am the only one who sees them and I still remain and feel masculine. I live near a military base as well and know of military personal in Afghanistan who wear panty-hose in the winter months. I don’t think it detracts from their masculinity or the job they perform.

    In any case, it should, for those courageous enough to venture into a personally preferred wardrobe, remain a matter of private taste what they wear, our how they paint their nails and not be subjected to being tagged unjustly as un-masculine. But as you and I both know, the public display of the personal for good or bad isn’t about to happen anytime soon.

    Thanks again for the great post.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Thanks Imitations. I found your explanation of the evolution of pants for women very insightful.
    I do think it is very unfortunate that our culture hates men crossdressing, but not women crossdressing. I think, like you seem to think, that it is a result of sexism. Our culture still seems to think its better to be a man than a woman. So if a man acts femininely its negative, and if a woman acts masculine it’s good (to an extent). Perhaps if our culture gets rid of stupid gender stereotypes and starts treating both sexes equally, then we would not see such a difference in how men and women are judged differently based on their dress.


  3. Imitations says:

    Please disregard the spelling errors…… Sometimes reviewing one’s comments is forgotten….


  4. Imitations says:

    Forgive me Thorin if I appear to analytical at times, (it’s just my personality and not meant to be hurtful) but your reply to my comment has left me wanting clarification. When you stated:

    “Perhaps if our culture gets rid of stupid gender stereotypes and starts treating both sexes equally, then we would not see such a difference in how men and women are judged differently based on their dress”

    As our discussion has been in the context of crossdressing, may I inquire as to how this paragraph fits with your religious beliefs? I’m not trying to trip you up here my friend, but it does beg the question, how does this fit with regards to the meaning of Deuteronomy 22:5? You have stated on many occasions that crossdressing is wrong and cannot be justified on any account because of biblical scripture. Yet I am left with the impression, (no doubt mistaken,) you feel if society were to change dramatically and see each gender as equal, dress would no longer have a bearing on our sexual identity.

    Pants, and by inference “trousers” have evolved into everyday practical articles of clothing for women but this was not always the case. It has only been since the 60’s or 70’s that they have become acceptable across all spectrums of society including most religious denominations and thus appear to have changed the meaning of the verse mentioned for those who hold firm in their belief of biblical interpretation.

    Of course we both know equality of dress is not about to happen in our lifetime but in an abstract conception of this “new” society, would I be wrong in thinking you would then alter your opinion about crossdressing if it were found to lose its meaning by societal accord?

    If, in seeing no harm to social harmony or sexual identity by way of your wife wearing pants, could you enlighten me as to the distinction between male and female dress codes in a biblical context?

    I am thoroughly enjoying our banter.


  5. thorin25 says:

    Sure let me clarify. First, in my quote, I was mainly saying that men and women are judged differently if they crossdress. Men are judged much more harshly for it. I don’t think it’s good for men or women to crossdress though. My only point was that I think the difference in strictness or harshness is from an inherent sexism in our culture. If that sexism was to go away, men and women would be judged in an equal way for their crossdressing rather than how it is now. Now it doesn’t seem to matter if women do most of the time, and when men do it is the end of the world.

    I believe in my Deuteronomy 22:5 post I did talk about how culture and dress changes. It is not that any particular item of clothing is or always will be crossdressing for a specific gender (except maybe something like a bra). As culture changes, so what qualifies as crossdressing changes. In the biblical world, men wore clothes that were more like dresses today than like pants. To our untrained eyes it was maybe more difficult to see crossdressing back then, then it is for us to see in our culture. But there were differences in dress and ornamentation. The differences were not skirt versus pants, but were more subtle. But they still mattered greatly even in the biblical world. I could easily open up a few of my biblical books and commentaries and even post some pictures for you. But my point is that it really doesn’t matter what they wore. There were differences, and that seems to be all that matters to me. If you think it does matter, and you need more detail, let me know and I can easily get that information for you.

    I don’t think culture should remain static. It can change and cultural dress can change. If we get to a point where wearing dresses is practical for everyone and everyone is doing it, then it would not be crossdressing for men to do so. But realize that they would be cut differently and look different. A dress for a man would not be cut for enhancing his non-existent breasts. Because men and women are different, because God made us to be attracted to each other in our differences, and because our bodies will always be different, I firmly believe that there will always be differences in our dress no matter how much our culture changes. To follow Deut. 22:5 we need to refrain from crossdressing according to whatever culture and time we live in.

    If it were possible that somehow dress would lose all distinction and meaning in a culture, and somehow a man and woman could wear the same item and really not be able to tell whether it was made for a man or for a woman, then it would be a very boring world 🙂 Our sexual attraction to the opposite sex is largely based upon differences in body and clothing. But if they happened, that would mean that we probably would have a pretty difficult time of going against Deut. 22:5 and it would be something we wouldn’t have to worry so much about I guess.

    So in conclusion, if society changes, my view of the acceptability of crossdressing would not change at all. But my view of what constitutes crossdressing in a particular culture changes over time as culture changes (but it is a slow process). Hope that is now clear, but let me know if it’s not 🙂


  6. Imitations says:

    With reference to your final paragraph; my father-in-law once used the express, “That’s as clear as mud” (LOL) so I guess I’ll just leave it there. Great discussion though.


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