Playing a Female Character in Video Games

Well, I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. I’d like to know your thoughts on this everybody.  For those who are against crossdressing like I am, please tell me if you think I’m doing wrong and shouldn’t be doing what I am doing.  For those of you who are not against crossdressing, you can still tell me if you think I’m being inconsistent in my views and actions.

In single player video games where there is a story, like in RPG’s (role playing games), I often play a female character.  Please note I’m not talking about crossdressing in video games.  Doing that would turn me on sexually with my crossdressing fantasies.   Also, I’m not talking about pretending to be an actual female in multiplayer video gaming.  If I play multiplayer, I’m always honest about who I really am and what gender I am.  But back to playing as a female character in single player games.  To be real honest, I really enjoy doing this.  It’s much more fun than playing a male character, and that is what worries me a bit.  I’m writing about this because I think it’s interesting and something you all have probably thought about and would enjoy discussing.  But I’m also hoping for some good feedback so I can determine if I’m doing okay with this, or if I should stop doing this.

I think I enjoy it largely because a female character is more fun and beautiful to look at than a male character.  It also maybes satisfies some desires to delve into femininity and experience what life is like as a woman.  It’s possibly sexually exciting in some small way, but nothing like crossdressing is, or cuddling with my wife.

To be real honest, in the first month recently when I was really fighting hard to give up crossdressing, playing an RPG as a female character was really helpful.  I played a lot of one particular game during that time, and it diffused crossdressing temptations and gave me a different sort of escape that was fun.  But after the first month, after resisting crossdressing for a longer period, playing female in the game did less for me, and now it doesn’t really seem that much more fun than playing a male character.

My belief is that playing a female character is not odd, and not wrong.  I’ve read a lot of articles and comments on websites about how commonly guys do it.  It’s really no different from watching a movie with the main character being a woman, or reading a novel with the main character being a woman.  When you read a book like that, you sort of feel as if you are the character, or you are identifying with the character and following their story.  That’s the same way in these video games.  The only difference might be is that it’s a little more hands on and they feel more like you, since you control their very movements.

But just because it’s not wrong in general, is it wrong for me?  Is it wrong for me, or at least “dangerous” for me, by the very fact that I find it more enjoyable than playing a male character?  Or is it a smart thing for me to do?  Is it perhaps a harmless way to satisfy some of my desires to connect with femininity, without giving into the sin and confusion and addiction of crossdressing?

I think it would definitely not be helpful or healthy if it became an addiction.  That first month it didn’t feel like an addiction, but it did feel like I desired to play a female character more than I should have.  But like I said, now it doesn’t seem too big of a deal.  Now the main reason its nicer is because of the looks.  What guy wouldn’t rather see a beautiful female face than a man’s face?  That said, maybe my desire to play a female character is more about lust for female beauty, rather than for wanting to be feminine myself.  In which case, that could potentially be problematic for another reason.

Alright, give me your honest thoughts and don’t hold back 🙂


4 comments on “Playing a Female Character in Video Games

  1. ikthys says:

    I am torn. On the one hand I definitely know how dangerous it is to allow any such role playing for guys like us. On the other hand, it seems like it could be a valuable inoculation technique in a somewhat safe and innocent mode. There seems to be so (none?) possible outlets for the confusing and complicated desire(s) we feel. If this can be one, and one can be honest enough to back off when it is seen as a hinderance rather than help, I’d say use it. To borrow from the realm of traditional/monastic Christian spiritual wisdom and practice, perhaps this should only be done with the blessing and advisement of a spiritual father or father confessor… hence keeping it within bounds of self control rather than self indulgence.


  2. thorin25 says:

    haha ikthys. I said I don’t know what to think. And you are torn on it too. Oh well 🙂 Your thoughts are helpful though and I appreciate them. Not too much of an issue anymore as I’ve mainly moved on to new different types of games without a character to play. And since I’m not missing that game and experience at all, then I’m guessing it’s not too big of an issue after all.


  3. Sarah says:

    I think it comes down to you and if it is a slippery slope or a cathartic release.

    My partner found the the more gender themes were in his life, the more he had gendered desires. So, even though it was an innocuous release, it actually increased his gendered desires overall — making it a slippery slope. He didn’t realize this on his own and had to track his thoughts and desires consciously to recognize the connection.

    On the other hand, if it is a RELEIF of gendered thoughts for you — if it allows you to let them go — well, I guess it would be a better outlet than other options.


  4. Unordinary says:

    IMHO I do not think that playing as a female character is wrong. In my family and in my life (I have been a gamer for years now) Most of the men that I have come in contact with would choose to play as a female character over the male. From what I learned is that men are just attracted to females and this is part of that. I see no harm in it at all.

    Now there would be a difference I think if someone played as female and deceived everyone that in real life they were a female also.

    But when everything’s laid out on the table I see no wrong in playing a game with a female character.

    Just my 2 cents.


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