Aprons for Men?

I just read an article this morning which wasn’t that well written, but still brought up an potentially interesting discussion for us who struggle with crossdressing.  You can read it here. It’s all about whether men can wear aprons.  It’s also kind of interesting to read people’s comments below the article.

I did a post before about refusing to wear my wife’s apron.  I believe I had good reasons for that.  But in general I do think it makes sense for men to wear aprons.  They are a very practical item and it makes sense that both sexes should be allowed to wear them.  Preferably it would be nice if they were strictly a unisex item, so that aprons were not tailor made specifically to be feminine or masculine.  Why can’t we just have one apron that fits us both rather than needing separate ones for the wife and husband?  My problem with wearing my wife’s apron is that it is clearly designed to be feminine.  Therefore, when I am wearing it I feel like I am crossdressing, because it’s an apron made for women.  For now, I will continue not to wear it.

But I also don’t want to be legalistic.  Practically everything these days is designed to be feminine or masculine.  If my wife’s phone was pink and geared towards women (which it isn’t because she doesn’t like pink), then I would still be willing to use it.  If she had a feminine looking pair of scissors, I’d still use that.  It gets me really frustrated and angry that we make everything geared for a certain gender.  Why can’t we just make things that are useful and can be used by everybody rather than just by one gender?  Maybe that’s just another symptom of our materialistic culture.  We are so rich that we don’t want just one thing for a husband and wife to share, or a boy and girl to share, they each have to have their own tailor made for their gender (usually according to stupid gender stereotypes).

With some of these things, it could be potentially difficult to draw the line at what is crossdressing and what is not like with aprons, or the phone, etc.  And beyond that difficult issue, is the other difficult issue of what I perceive as crossdressing.  Something could be harmful to me if it feels like crossdressing, even if it isn’t crossdressing.  I can wrap a towel around my body when getting out of the shower, and it almost looks like a skirt.  If it felt a lot like a skirt to me and it was causing me problems, that is reason enough not to do it.  But in reality, it doesn’t do anything for me and doesn’t seem like crossdressing to me.

Anyway, just some quick ramblings I wanted to get out, but now I need to get back to work on my sermon on this busy day!


3 comments on “Aprons for Men?

  1. dramaking says:

    This is a great topic as I am the king of rationalization. That is what I think we are really doing here. There are definately women’s things and men’s things. In case you haven’t noticed men’s clothing and shoes etc tend to be rather drab in my opinion so it has been a difficult thing for me as I am very extroverted so I have in the past crossed the line to women’s jeans because “gee they fit better and they don’t drag on the ground.” In the quiet of my heart I knew why I chose those jeans or socks or shoes or fill in the blank. Is an apron good or bad? Right or wrong? What is my intention? That would be the main question I would want to ask myself. Paul talked about eating
    Zeus burgers (my paraphrase) if it is true that we have freedom in Christ then we have the freedom to choose to wear what we want but what is our intention for that which we want to wear. I had all kinds of clothes that I called androgynous but guess what? I didn’t buy them in the androgynous dept. Lol I had to look at who did I buy this for? Or who bought these clothes more accurately. I drove myself crazy with trying to figure it out when all I was trying to do in reality was to push the line or how close can I get to the line before I cross it. I realized that it was much more about where I was putting my trust than whether I was right or wrong. Where is your heart in those moments?


  2. thorin25 says:

    Yup I agree, rationalization is killer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve partially crossdressed through some kind of stupid rationalization. Then after I ended up masturbating I would realize how ridiculous and false the rationalization was. With these things, it is mainly about our intentions and reasons for doing things.


  3. Unordinary says:

    I work in pastry and at my bakery everyone wears aprons. Although our aprons are plain white and all the same. Which is nice. But being a baking addict like myself I love aprons and I collect many differnt ones. my favorites are the ones that are geared to women (I am a woman) and are more of the retro style. My grandmother has made me a few.

    I have seen a fwe, not many at all, that were geared to men. Usually in the summertime in like the girlling isle… ive never seen a female apron for grilling. Which I think the tables are kinda turned there cause I know lots of women that grill whos husbands dont. But I would say yes the majority are focused more to females.

    It would be nice to see more that are tailored to both genders.. I mean come on both men and women cook and having a apron helps keep clothing clean.


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