New Link added – Wife of Crossdresser

I recently came across a new blog called “My Un-ordinary Life” written by the wife of a crossdresser.  It seems most crossdressers out there on the internet claim that crossdressing is harmless or at least should be harmless.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Spouses can be feel very much betrayed by crossdressing, which makes sense to me as they didn’t sign on to that when getting married.  To me, crossdressing without spousal approval can be just as harmful as adultery in some cases.  Whether you think crossdressing is sinful or not, take the time to read some of this woman’s posts, to see that crossdressing can have a very damaging negative effect on a marriage, and more so on this woman’s very life and emotional well-being.  Even if you think crossdressing “can” be harmless in a marriage, at least let’s all admit that it is not “always” harmless.

You can read her blog here.


2 comments on “New Link added – Wife of Crossdresser

  1. Temptedsinner says:

    When I started down this path of recovery I discovered your site Thorin. Then while cruising through it and the links I began reading with interest this woman’s pain discovering that her husband was a CD. The idea of how hurtful this can be was kinda new to me because when I purposed to my loving wife I was completely dressed for most of this valentines day, weekend of sex and drugs some 30 years ago. Having at that time found a woman who seemingly enjoyed me dressing was a dream come true.
    I am trying to keep this brief, so let me just say that as my interest in the kinky and fetish world (with out the existence of the internet ) escalated. While at the same time her interest in all of this diminished. So I did like all us CD’s typically do, went back and hid out “in the closet“. Sure she knew that I wore panties and an occasional nighty because they would regularly be in the laundry but beyond that I was skilled in hiding not only my “stuff” but hiding what and who I was becoming. I often wonder what happened to this lady, how she is doing or if her husband had tried to fight this affliction.


  2. thorin25 says:

    I wonder about her as well. I wish she would post again. Good reminder to pray for her!


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