New Link – View of Gender identity disorders

I thought this statement about gender identity disorders written by Exodus International was quite good.  Read it here.  Not much of it was new to me, but I did find this quote really interesting.  I never thought about it this way before.

Adapting biological reality to match attractions or emotions can be a dangerous business. As a society, we have an obligation to prevent bringing further harm to individuals experiencing gender confusion. For example, we don’t tell an anorexic that because he or she feels fat — they must have a liposuction. In the same way, we should not allow emotion to trump biology.”    I think this quote helps to teach us that sometimes our feelings are wrong, just as they are for those with eating disorders.  Just because it feels right or good doesn’t make it right or good for us.

They talked about intersexuality as well, and I appreciated that they realized that intersexuality is a separate issue, a more complex issue, with the possibility of different solutions for people in those cases.


Some other quotes I liked:

While individuals may experience confusion and even opposition to their God-given sex, we believe that one’s true sexual identity remains the sex differentiated at birth as male or female.

We’re all uncomfortable with being confined to stereotypes. Just because you don’t fit someone else’s gender stereotype doesn’t mean you aren’t that gender. As a society, we’ve often poorly defined what it means to be a “real” man or woman. For example, men who are gifted in arts or music have been often misbranded as effeminate instead of just men who happen to be gifted in arts or music. Gender, is ultimately, about what God has placed into us that celebrates His exceptional plan for men and women, all of humanity as well as the unique nature of each individual.”       “As a society, we often claim to embrace “diversity,” but in reality, we have shunned diversity within our respective genders by accepting societal stereotypes.” – This is something I fully agree with.  I still think our horrible gender stereotypes are part of what caused our crossdressing problems in the first place.

Gender does matter and allowing it to be defined at random by anyone and everyone’s various perceptions, expressions and emotions is a recipe for disaster.”

Instead of rejecting their natural sex, a healthy and spiritually sound response is to accept their God-given sex and to investigate the emotional sources of the confusion and meet legitimate needs surrounding their gender.”      They don’t just advocate accepting the sex you were born as and “deal with it!”   There are reasons that people feel the way that they do, and they need to explore them, and figure out how to live a healthy life as the sex God created them to be.


3 comments on “New Link – View of Gender identity disorders

  1. Imitations says:

    Though I agree one cannot be more than the soul one was born to, I am a bit disappointed though not totally surprise, that there is not a hint that this may be a psychiatric problem more than a spiritual one and medical help may first and foremost be what is required.


  2. Ralph says:

    The article raises a lot of valid points, stating in much better terms a similar message I have given to people who think they “should” have sex reassignment surgery because they think they “might” be the wrong physical sex (pedantic note: “gender” is a grammatical distinction, mostly used in languages that differentiate between “masculine” and “feminine” forms of words; “sex” differentiates whether you are from Mars or from Venus).

    That said, this, like most Christian articles on GID, fails to address the rather large portion of the GID population who are not just emotionally but physically confused — the intersexed, aka hermaphrodites. Many of those who consider SRS aren’t just physical males who have effeminate traits; they also carry more than their fair share of female hormones/genes/whatever, and in the more extreme cases all or part of the accompanying hardware. So in some cases, people are NOT created as distinctly, 100% male or female.

    My heart goes out to people in that position; I don’t know what I’d do if I had been born that way.


  3. thorin25 says:

    Agreed Ralph, intersexed or partially hermaphroditic people change the debate significantly. But the article did note that this is the case. Maybe they felt like it was outside the bounds of their ministry to address those people.

    I’ll have to think more about people like that, and maybe post about that issue sometime. But my thought would be for them to try as best they can to figure out what God created them to be, and to try to live as that sex/gender. In most cases, one sex is very dominant in their biology, and only extremely rarely is someone perfectly hermaphroditic, and if they were then I suppose you let them tell you which sex they feel themselves to be, and then live accordingly.


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