New Link – What does healing mean?

I just watched First Stone Ministries’ Freedom Video.  Watch it here.   It is a video of testimonies for those that have struggled with homosexuality.  It is interesting enough for that reason alone.    But near the end some of the people give their thoughts about what healing from homosexuality really means.  I thought that what they said applies just as well to healing from crossdressing.

They said that healing does not mean the absence of struggle.  Healing is not when God takes away our desires for specific sins.  That may never happen until Jesus returns.  Our struggles in life will always continue.  For them they said healing is being free to choose.  It is about being able to choose not to give in to those particular temptations.  They talked about being able to then live in moral and emotional clarity.  They found the ability to connect and love.  They were able to be at ease.

That is also what I hope for all of us.  I think it is naive to think that our struggles will completely go away.  Jesus never promised us an easy life.  He never said, “follow me and you will soon never be tempted to sin again!”  He promised us that there is a way out of every temptation but not that our temptations would go away.    Think about recovered alcoholics.  They may never lose their temptation to alcohol.  But they can find healing in never giving in to alcohol again and have wholesome good lives without the destruction that their alcoholism always caused.

For us as well I think we can find health, wholeness, and happiness apart from crossdressing.  We can find healing, but not necessarily a “cure” in the sense of having our crossdressing desires taken away.  But those desires can be lessened and no longer feel like a need.  We can find ways to enjoy life without crossdressing.  Let’s us strive for this healing together.


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