New links – On transsexuals / hermaprodites

I just read this article – “What is a Biblical View of Transgendered People and Hermaphrodites?” – by Sue Bohlin.  I think it is pretty good.  I don’t think it is thorough enough by far.   I don’t think it says enough about how to give pastoral care for these people or how to respond to them as churches.  It doesn’t say enough about how these people can find healing and full lives.  But in general I think it’s pretty good and has some helpful things to say that I do agree with.  Anybody else like it or dislike it?   I’ve added it to my links page.

I also added a link a little while back to an article called “John or Joan?” by a seminary professor named Russell D. Moore.  You can read it – here.       It’s a little bit longer of a read, but I found it quite good.  I didn’t agree with every little thing, and I may say things slightly differently, emphasize different things, and would include other thoughts.   But overall, it is quite good with many helpful things to say.  It’s something that more pastors should read to be aware of these issues.   I particularly thought it was interesting to read his response on this question – Should the Surgery Be Reversed?   This is on the bottom of page 5.  It’s an interesting read.  What are your thoughts?


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