Testimonies of Deliverance

I’ve just read through some great testimonies and added a new link to my link page.   This is Expose Ministries Testimonies Pagehere.  They have a bunch of links to different testimonies on the web for those who have found freedom in Jesus from transgenderism and/or homosexuality.

For those of us who struggle with crossdressing, it’s easy to believe that there is no hope, and that we will never be able to change, and never be able to live a happy life without crossdressing.  To make things worse, just about every crossdressing website online tries to convince people that it is an impossible thing to give up, and that the only way to give it up is if you are religiously brainwashed.  And that if you do manage to give it up by that method, then you will be an unfulfilled unhappy person.

But it is very possible to give crossdressing up.  It is very possible to find freedom in Jesus.  I’ve come to think that one of the biggest prerequisites for finding healing from crossdressing, is to first believe that you can have healing from it.  If you start out thinking it is an impossible task, it’s a lot less likely you will actually find healing from it.  That would just be setting yourself up for failure.  If I’m convinced I don’t have the ability to run a mile, I’m not going to try too hard to get in shape, and work out and practice, so that one day I can really run a whole mile without walking.

And this is where the testimonies come in.  We need to keep reading the testimonies of those who have gone before us, and have already found freedom.  These stories give us truth and give us hope, and point us in the right direction.  They prove to us that it is possible to give up crossdressing for good.  I hope that those of you who have been visiting my site have started to see that there are quite a lot of past crossdressers around who have given it up and have a much more full and joyful life without it.  But I also want to keep adding more testimonies as I find them to encourage us all.


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