A New Fellow Fighter’s Blog

I’d like to welcome Mark into our blogging community.  He has recently stepped up to fight his crossdressing addiction and has been finding great freedom so far.  As part of his healing, and a way to help others, he has started his own blog entitled – Turncoat – A site dedicated to overcoming the scourge of crossdressing. Strategies, techniques and encouragement for those who want their lives back.  He’s already got a few posts written and he is very excited to share techniques that have thus far been helpful to him in overcoming crossdressing.  He has some great ideas out there already that are worth taking a look at.

But the most encouraging to me is that again we see that we are not alone.  I felt alone for so long in this fight against crossdressing.  Looking at the internet I assumed I was the only Christian guy out there actually wanting to get rid of my crossdressing addiction.  But thanks to some good bloggers who got us all started we are seeing more and more men come out of the dark into the light, proclaiming – “Yes! I too struggle with crossdressing!  And yes, I too want deliverance and healing from it!”  And not only that, but we are increasingly seeing that it is possible to get rid of crossdressing in our lives, and we are encouraging each other in the feelings of freedom we are experiencing.  What a wonderful little blogging community that is forming.  Let’s keep encouraging each other and fighting together.   At the risk of getting too sentimental, as well as getting too stereotypically masculine (I hate a lot of our cultural gender stereotypes), I want to say that I feel like you guys out there are my sword brothers in our common war.  It’s not only a war against crossdressing, but a spiritual war.  We are fighting against being in bondage to other things in our lives like crossdressing, rather than being free to serve God.  And God is giving us much grace by giving us each other to fight with.  I’m am so thankful to God for all of you.


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