Article about Sexual Sin

In reading around the internet, I came across an interesting article by Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg.  It is specifically about sexual sin among pastors.  But the points in it are very helpful for any ordinary Christian struggling with some form of sexual sin.  The article helps us think about sexual sin from a biblical perspective.  It talks about why we do it, why it’s so damaging, and why we should think of it as “more than” just an addiction or disease.  It also gives a wake up call about the reality of getting caught.  You can read it here.


3 comments on “Article about Sexual Sin

  1. Imitations says:

    I rest my case! However I will return at some point next week. See you than.


  2. Joseph ryan (selestine) says:

    Hi all once again. I did get the initial emails but my mobile phone is insanely rediculous to the point it wont let me subscribe to the list or whatever and i dont have a laptop for the reason of my struggle with transexual and crossdressing porn. Thanks for praying for me but honestly folks i dont know what i want or what to do about “her”. If i get rid of these clothes i only end up getting depressed and very lonely at night. I heard it said my clothes are like a tailsmen. Something i know is there and can keep me confident or safe when i want to turn to it. I even set it up to where i would go over to my friends place and he has the rest of my clothes waiting. I realize this i have been dressing so long i almost have become desenitized to it. I am trying to keep from going on hormones. I’ve had christian counseling in the past only fail cuz of my lack of commitment. Even mens groups at various churches not work cuz i dont feel i belong there. And my relationship with God has suffered greatly. I need help!


  3. thorin25 says:

    Hi Joseph, let me give you my humble opinion. You are trying to get good needs met through your crossdressing. Like you said it gives you comfort and feelings of safety. But I don’t think clothes are what should be doing that for you. We are supposed to get our comfort and security from God, and in a smaller way, from other people. You have legitimate good human needs that need to be met. There is nothing wrong with that. But you have somehow learned to look for meeting those needs in the wrong places. The clothes have replaced God in your life and you feel like you cannot do without them. Somehow you need to transfer that passion and focus to God instead. Ask the Lord Jesus into your life and ask him to break the power of the clothing in your life. I will keep praying


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