New links – Uplifting testimonies from past crossdressers

I recently discovered a ministry called “Parakeleo” – (go here) and read and watched some uplifting testimonies there.  It’s so amazing to see how God has worked in people’s lives.  We need to keep reading testimonies so we remember that God works in this world.  Testimonies remind us of the truth that God does have power over sin in our lives.  Testimonies remind us that healing is possible.  There are those who have gone before us and found freedom.  Let us learn from their examples.  Testimonies are especially important for those of us who struggle with crossdressing because the prevailing notion on the internet is that freedom is not possible.  So please read and be encouraged!


Sam’s story – He talks about freedom from his past crossdressing and freedom from the desire to become a woman.

Keith Tiller Video Testimony – He talks about his desire to become a woman but instead turned to Jesus.

—-** update 9-8-2016 – The video is no longer there, so I’ve changed it to a shorter written testimony of his—

Finding Comfort – Testimony of a Christian pastor in the UK who found freedom from crossdressing.

One comment on “New links – Uplifting testimonies from past crossdressers

  1. Jared says:

    Well done finding these testimonies. It really points to the fact that “all things are possible to those who believe”.

    Some truly believe that it’s impossible to change on the inside. The therapist told the man that the only way he could resolve his inner conflict was to transition. Well, he was certainly wrong about that. He has found contentment as a male, which is possible for any transgendered person. They just have to believe.

    Everytime I hear about someone transitioning, it breaks my heart. I hope we see more and more turn away from it.


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