Link – Interesting post about transgenderism

I came across this interesting post called – You Can’t Change Genetics with a Guilt Trip.  The post tackles the recent beauty pageant scandal with the transsexual contestant.  I’m not really familiar at all with the author.  He talks about how people cannot change their genetics.  Even if they go through the sex reassignment surgery, they may look different, and feel different, but their genetics are the same.  A XY man cannot become a natural XX woman just by surgery.  What he says about this makes a lot of sense.

I can tell there is much I disagree about with the author.  He doesn’t think it is wrong for transgendered people to get sex reassignment surgery.  It sounds like he is not a Christian based on his reply to my comment on his blog.  But I agree with so much of his logic and reasoning in this particular post and find it very helpful as a way to think through these tough issues.   It’s worth a quick read.



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