My Addiction to Crossdressing Fiction

I confess to having had strong desires over my life for reading crossdressing fiction.  I’m talking about reading stories at places like tgstories or fictionmania or storysite (and many other places).  I would read stories about people being forced to crossdress by other people or by unlikely situations.  Or sometimes stories about people discovering crossdressing and enjoying it, possibly with encouragement from family or friends.  And sometimes they were just random stories about people crossdressing.  I read plenty of stories that were geared towards the transgendered but I found those pleasurable often as well.  I hate to admit that I’ve read (a lot of skimming) probably thousands of such stories over my life.  It sucked away so much of my time, much more than physical crossdressing ever did.  I would read for hours at a time, with an erection for much of that time, and then finally masturbate in the bathroom and stop.  Then I’d delete my internet history.  Then I’d feel guilty about what I did, but the worst was feeling guilt at all the wasted time.   I’d feel dirty especially after some of the junk I read.


Over the last 10 years, to be real honest, crossdressing fiction has been a much bigger problem and addiction in my life than actual crossdressing itself.  There are a few reasons for this –
1. Reading stories about people having to or choosing to crossdress for various reasons was extremely sexually pleasurable for me.  It also was emotionally pleasurable, emotionally a relief and escape from life pressures, and it was fun.  (Though I never felt good afterward, see posthere).
2. I was much less likely to be caught reading something on my computer than if I was physically crossdressing and someone walked in on me.  Further it is very easy to erase internet history, but much harder to fix a torn dress or wash clothing that I got sweaty or dirty.  I didn’t have a physical stash of clothes for the most part for those years, but even if I did, it would have been easier to erase internet history than to hide clothing.
3. I sometimes felt less guilty about it than if I were crossdressing.  Though I knew that Jesus said thinking about sin in our hearts and fantasizing about it is also sinful, I just tried to ignore that truth at times.  It felt less bad if I only read about people crossdressing without doing it myself.


And in just the past few years, a new reason –
4.  Reading crossdressing fiction is MORE pleasurable and enticing than actual crossdressing.   The more I’ve realized how sinful and messed up and distorted crossdressing is, the less I desire to do actual crossdressing.  Actual crossdressing is too hard nowadays.  I look at myself and realize how ridiculous I look, how deceptive and foolish of an activity it is, and it’s just not as pleasurable as reading the fiction.  This idea I’ve noticed even more strongly now that I stopped crossdressing for good.  When I finally had some long term success stopping crossdressing starting back at the beginning of September 2011 until now, I also stopped reading crossdressing fiction.  Through these last 8 months or so, I’ve noticed that my temptations to crossdressing have diminished far beyond what I expected.  There are still days of temptation yes, but overall I feel free from any crossdressing desires on a day to day basis.

One thing that is interesting though is that when the desires for crossdressing do rarely come, 90% of the time they come in the desire to read crossdressing fiction rather than to do actual crossdressing.  At this point actual crossdressing just seems ridiculous.  It seems so dumb, I have little desire for it.  It would be almost hard to do and find pleasure in, because the reality of what I was doing would hit me so hard.  But crossdressing fiction is different.  It’s an old habit that provides immediate sexual gratification.  The stories are told in such a way that they are pleasurable because in the stories there aren’t horrible consequences for crossdressing, people always feel good afterward, they look beautiful, and others encourage them and also say that they are beautiful.  Sometimes our imagination is much more powerful and pleasurable than the reality.  (In this way perhaps I’m more like the typical woman than the typical man, the stories are what turn me on more than the sight).   Crossdressing always sounds fun and exciting in the stories, but in real life it’s not all its cracked up to be.   Thankfully I have completely avoided crossdressing fiction sites since beginning of September 2011.  To God be the glory for giving me the grace I needed to resist.


On a different note, I’d like to talk about another aspect of crossdressing fiction in my experience.  When I was reading these stories or searching for these stories I was always looking for the “harmless” ones that didn’t include pedophilia, incest, sadism, masochism, diapers, erotica, brutal forced crossdressing, domination, manipulation, rape, sissification, women being portrayed as bimbos, homosexuality, abuse, bestiality, and all sorts of other kinds of sexual immorality.  What is disturbing and maybe surprising for some of you is that the vast MAJORITY of these stories includes some of these things.  I’m not sure why.  It was hard to find so called “tame” crossdressing stories.

I often would spend literal hours searching on search engines like google to find more harmless stories.  I wasted so much time.  But usually I would end up reading the stories or skimming the stories with some of those nasty things in them.  Being the man of faith I am I always found those parts of the stories disgusting, nasty, and detestable and they made me feel dirty, so I tried to skip over those parts.  But I was so stuck in my addiction to crossdressing fiction that I read the stories anyway.  But like with everything else in life, what we do with our time, what we fill our minds with, has an affect on us.  The deeper I got into my addiction to crossdressing fiction over the last 10 years, the deeper I went into my depravity.  Originally stories that I would have immediately stopped reading and closed that internet window, started to become stories I would tolerate.  Stories that I would tolerate, I eventually even became sexually turned on to.   I hate to admit that but it is true.


I think this illustrates that our sexuality is relatively fluid.  That’s probably not a common idea, but I believe it to be true.  I find it highly unlikely that I could begin being utterly turned off and detesting things like homosexuality or domination or incest in stories and then eventually being turned on by those same elements in certain stories.  (For example, a boy dressed as a girl kissing another boy).  You might say that I just have been ignoring these latent sexual tendencies within myself and repressing them.  I don’t think that is the case, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit if it was.  We are all born sinful and messed up completely.  We are “totally depraved” to use the theological term.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that in every one of us, because of our sinful nature, we have the capacity to go towards any type of evil or distortion, especially sexual distortion.  But again, I don’t think that is the particular case for my behavior.  I think rather that our sexuality is relatively fluid.  The more I exposed myself to such stories the more I tolerated certain things I thought were gross, and the more I tolerated them the more they started to turn me on slightly.  My body and mind were learning new sexual desire and responses.  I never was turned on by those other elements to the point where I would seek out stories with those in them.  Thinking about them right now, I have 0% desire or attraction for those things.  But there were individual times reading when those elements turned me on slightly.


I think this also illustrates well the slippery slope of sin.  You give into a little bit of sin and rationalize it, and you start rationalizing even more and giving into more sin and other types of sin.  This may not be true in everybody’s experience.  But I think about loving my wife and having sex with her which is good and not sinful.  Those actions have always only led to good things, loving her more, appreciating her more, being more attracted to her, etc.  But crossdressing has been different.  Crossdressing has only led into other more detestable things, like the extra depraved elements in those stories, things worse than crossdressing itself.  Crossdressing might not be the most serious sin in the world to God, but if we allow a little sin in, it starts to affect our lives.  We eventually can even warp our consciences, so that things that used to make us feel guilty (things that should make us feel guilty!) stop making us feel guilty.  The more we allow sin to have free reign into our lives the easier it is to fool ourselves and ignore the Holy Spirit.

One has to wonder why all those disturbing elements are in crossdressing fiction.  Perhaps what I’m saying is true for others.  We start to rebel a bit and then it becomes exciting to rebel and we get into all sorts of depravity.  Obviously many crossdressers aren’t like this, but there are those out there that once they’ve accepted crossdressing as such a big part of their lives, they think – why not embrace sadism, or sex with multiple partners, or having sex with a man while crossdressed?


At times I got so fed up with the extra depravity that crossdressing fiction brought into my life, that I flip-flopped and felt more guilty about reading that filth than actually crossdressing.  I flip-flopped back and forth so many times.  And sometimes I would be strong enough to resist going to my favorite crossdressing fiction sites knowing that they were unhealthy, and then I’d do hours of fruitless google searching trying to find more harmless stories that were about people being forced to crossdress because of unlikely situations.  This helped to falsely assuage my guilt.  It felt like if the main character was only crossdressing because he lost his luggage, then he wasn’t doing anything wrong.  And if he wasn’t doing anything wrong, then I wasn’t either by reading about it.  But of course I was still reading such stories for sexual pleasure.  What stupid lies we tell ourselves to rationalize our behavior.  I was still harming myself through them.  I was fooling myself.

Another effect that I received from reading so much crossdressing and TG fiction was that I started to become more and more confused about my true sex.  There were so many times where I just craved being a real woman after reading those stories.  Reading the stories was sexual, yes.  But there were many times where I craved being a woman and living as a woman because of those stories.  I didn’t care about the sexual pleasure.  I just wanted to be a woman.  Or sometimes I felt like I actually was a woman (or more like a woman) in my mind and soul and personality.  Again, I think this shows the confusing and negative affect of these stories.  We live in a fantasy when crossdressing, but in some ways I was going even deeper into confused fantasy by reading the fictional stories.


Crossdressing fiction has been a bane on my life and I’m so glad to be rid of it.  In the past I wished I could press a “delete” button and get those stories out of my memory.  But in fact, they are drifting from my memory on their own relatively quickly.   Now I want my mind and body to be influenced and worked on by truth.  By wonderful books of truth and by God’s Word, not by messed up crossdressing fiction which mingles tiny bits of truth with filthy corrupted distorted lies.  Let me end with a word of hope.  If our sexuality is relatively fluid, we have great reason for hope.  There is freedom and healing around the corner!    Sometimes it takes a long time, but our desires can be changed.  The things that turn us on can be changed.  Whether we have homosexual desires or crossdressing desires, God can help us change our desires and our sexuality to be in line with what he desires for us so that we can have an abundant full joyful life in him!


8 comments on “My Addiction to Crossdressing Fiction

  1. ikthys says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that I’ve read a lot of that myself, and share the shame and guilt (and even confusion) about my indulgence in the more “extreme” parts of it. Your points are valid and true. It makes total sense that an imaginary world would be more suiting to the enterprise what with the reality of it all being very hard to overcome. Since it ony really is sustainable via imagination, what better way to express this than fiction? Thus, I feel all the more steeped in it all after such reading than after anything else, even compared to living it out. Let’s stay far far away from it.


  2. Marky says:

    Thorin, a very interesting piece and I can relate to your explanation of how abuse of our God given gift of imagination can have detrimental consequences – I’ve always had a good imagination and am very visual (in a mind’s eye sense) and when younger 18 -20, I can remember messing with self hypnosis and imagining ‘stepping’ into peoples bodies / becoming people – It was all too real and it really messed with me – for days, maybe weeks afterwards – I had the good sense to stop – but unquestionably it created damaging neural associations. I have been wondering recently how I can put this talent for imagination into a more Godly and creative use. I always thought i should have been an architect. Probably missed that boat though! I’m glad to hear that you are finding that ‘damage’ seems to be getting undone rather quicker than you had thought it might have done. This gives me great hope. Things going better my end.


  3. thorin25 says:

    Thanks for the comment Ikthys, it seems we are so very similar in many ways, glad to have your support in this journey of healing!

    Marky, thats an interesting thought. How can we use our imaginative life for good? This is quite a random comment, but I’ve heard of people using their imagination to pray more vividly. Instead of just asking God to do something, they try to visualize what they are asking for. Not in any magical sense as if imagining it will make it come true, but just to imagine what they desire God to do in a person’s life. Really the only difference is a verbal prayer versus an visual or imaginative prayer…. Something to think about more maybe


  4. Vivienne says:

    Hi Thorin,
    Once again I admire your forthright honesty in talking about this stuff. It must be very painful for you.
    I dabbled in writing crossdressing fiction for a while, several years ago. I wrote two pieces for the internet, and one for a fiction competition in a crossdressing magazine in the UK, which won. (The winning story was what you would call a “safe” story!) I followed up the short story with some factual, commentary pieces (the sort of thing you now find on my blog), but the editor said “Your articles are fine, and interesting, but what we really want is more fiction”.
    I found myself nodding at most of your points. First, there is often a disturbing element in crossdressing fiction: humiliation, or physical injury. I can’t say why that is, but I tend to think that for most people crossdressing does lurk in the same part of their mind as other “kinky” sexual practices. I think that’s why a lot of people still think it’s weird and distasteful.
    I think that the element of compulsion, i.e. someone else forcing or tricking or encouraging the crossdresser into dressing, is because most crossdressers feel considerable shame in doing what they do. To be forced to do it by someone else (or even as odd a pretext as lost luggage!) removes the motivation from the crossdresser and places it somewhere else. That assuages guilt: I didn’t want to do it, but I had to because she made me do it. Therefore the compulsion element is present in a lot of stories.
    I have certainly seen and read some things on the Internet which have left me deeply disturbed emotionally, and the thought that there are people who actually do those things is profoundly unsettling to me. Like you say, though, there is definitely a slippery slope, and a gradual tendency to accept things which were previously distasteful.
    I was able to appreciate some crossdressing fiction as erotic, even though I recognised that it described fictional acts and situations which, if present for real, I would not find erotic at all. I like to think my moral compass was not too badly skewed by what I read. In any case, I don’t read it any more.
    Crossdressing isn’t (for me) about my sexuality. I don’t think sexuality is fluid. On the other hand, if what you mean is sexual tendencies, then I think that probably is fluid, and learned, to a greater or lesser extent. We are, to an extent, conditioned to find a certain type of woman attractive. She is the type of woman that we see in Hollywood movies, on billboards, in magazines. She is a certain shape and a certain size and dresses and behaves in a certain way. On the other hand, people from other cultures are conditioned to find different female archetypes attractive, and if we look at their archetypes, they don’t “do it” for us at first, although I think we can learn to appreciate other archetypes.
    (Crossdressing for me is at least partly a sexual experience, although the times when I have enjoyed it most, it hasn’t been sexual at all, but sensual, by which I mean physically and emotionally pleasurable without causing sexual arousal).
    I like chocolate. I can see that I could rationalise going without chocolate, if (say) I had diabetes. While I am sure I could learn to enjoy substitutes for chocolate, and might get used to not having it around, and wouldn’t even think about it for long periods, I am pretty sure that if I lived to be a hundred, I would still like the taste of chocolate. I think (for me) crossdressing is like that. Like chocolate, too much isn’t good for me. But no matter how long I go without it, and tell myself I don’t need it, I think I will always like the taste of it.
    Apologies for the long post, but you raised a lot of valuable points.


  5. thorin25 says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment Vivienne. I think you are exactly right that the stories where a character is forced into crossdressing by someone else or by a situation, are especially nice for people like me, because in some ways they at least make me feel less guilt (even if they shouldn’t make me feel less guilt). But that also makes those stories especially dangerous because they feel harmless to me, but aren’t.

    I’ve heard a lot of crossdressers talk about the transition from sexual crossdressing to crossdressing without sexual pleasure, and many seem to say that crossdressing without sexual pleasure is somehow more noble. I’ll write about that in a post sometime soon.

    Fully agree also with you about sexual tendencies and what we find attractive in different cultures. There may be certain aspects about what women wear and do in our culture that we find attractive that are somewhat objectively beautiful for all times and places. But for the most part, like you, I think we learn what to find attractive. For example, in many cultures women’s breasts are no big thing, and they don’t even bother to cover them up, or even in some largely developed countries, women might breastfeed in public with everything showing. And why? Because they didn’t learn to be sexually attracted to them in certain cultures. But we can take this idea a step further. We acknowledge that people learn to be find different things attractive, but then we can make another judgment call. 1. We could decide that all cultures are completely neutral and it’s okay to be attracted to anything, to each his own. 2. Or we say that there are things we shouldn’t be attracted to, some things we should be attracted to, and some things we should be somewhat attracted to, and then we would try to align our attractions accordingly. I guess my thinking is somewhere in between positions 1 and 2. There are certain things I really don’t think we are supposed to be attracted to, let’s say combining sex and manipulation, abuse, rape, etc. And some things we were meant to be attracted to, like your spouses’ naked body. But then there is a lot that I think is neutral and okay that it varies from culture to culture, like women wearing cosmetics or not, the breast example, etc.


  6. […] Many of my friends like it. I know because I am a member of some groups and  forums.   One of my friends has his opinion on fiction like he wrote in his posting. Fiction especially  for them who like it can beautify their imagination, fantasy and illusion […]


  7. Eric says:

    I was actually just thinking about stories the past day or two and most of what you said is absolutely relatable to my experience!

    Now as I’ve mentioned in the blog I was also a diaper lover and I spent much of my life denying that it was sexual even though it actually was (although as with CD, I believe there are plenty of other reasons as well). And ultimately I came to the conclusion that diapers were a destructive addiction in a similar way even though there’s no Bible verse that says not to wear diapers if you don’t need them 🙂

    Anyway I mention this because for both CD and DL (diaper lover) there are lots of stories out there and I split my “addiction time” fairly evenly between the two but actually I may have spent more time reading diaper stories than CD stories.

    And I had precisely the same expertand issue of trying to find the stories that didn’t involve some other disturbing element (sex in general, homosexual, etc). I would similarly spend hours trying to find the ones that were not “bad” but still interesting enough to make me keep reading and reading. For example, someone wears diapers for a week for a bet, or again they are forced to because of a family member making them unwillingly at first but growing to like it. And yes the stories sometimes involved overt sexual immorality along the way and at first I would immediately stop and look for another one but more and more I did find that I tolerated things I never expected to and eventually enjoyed reading of characters who would discover the other character’s hidden diaper interest and they would almost immediately start making out or having sex from being turned on by it. And of course worse things were probably present the more I read but I don’t remember them as well.

    I think it’s a very good point that in a fantasy world (especially where you never actually see the character) CD is more tempting because it always works out well. And definitely I’ve spent way more time online thinking about CD than actually doing it for the same reasons you mentioned (easier access, easier to hide, etc).

    I’ve mentioned on the prayer group about a certain Japanese pop group that my girlfriend and I enjoy listening to (but which I find triggering to watch them dance which is part of their appeal). I never looked up the videos in the past (only listened to the music); it was just my girlfriend who was occasionally watching them on YouTube and if I had a free minute I might come see for a minute. Well recently she was playing one of their new songs and it occurred to her to point out to me that she never really thought about how they always wore high heels because she used to dance and tap shoes for women look kind of similar (although she admits that they do look different because they are probably a little higher and more like fashion shoes than regular dancing shoes). She showed me a picture of a typical woman’s tap shoe that she thought reminded her of what she wore (although she says she shouldn’t have).

    She asked me if it caused any thoughts and I couldn’t identify anything specific except that yeah it was surprising to me that they looked the way they did and yes it was an image that I had better not spend too much time looking at and possibly should not have seen.

    Later on I told her that the one thing that it did make me think of is the “typical” CD story. Now she’s actually in the DL world as well (although she identifies more as an adult baby (AB)). So she has read lots of those diaper stories as well but probably for her they more often lead towards regression. Not to get too far off topic I told her about how although she’s familiar with how those diaper stories go, that maybe she didn’t realize that the CD stories can be similar. And the tap shoe made me think wow this CD story is do obvious. I told her how it would probably go:

    Some guy forgets his shoes or something and in class or whatever they just happen to have spare shoes but only women’s shoes. And so he would wear them anyway from others encouragement. Then someone would make a comment that they looked so natural on him and he should just wear them all the time and things would progress from there.

    It’s amazing how such a silly cliched ridiculous story such as that, when written well enough, can captivate us and waste all our time and mental energy. I’m glad I haven’t looked up that junk for over a year now.


  8. thorin25 says:

    Thanks for the comment Eric. These stories still have a tremendous power over me if I give in to reading them. I have to stop myself from the beginning google searches that lead to stories such as these, otherwise it’s really hard to stop once I get going. They are much more powerful than actually Cding, as you explained why. I always come back to that they are just as sinful as actually doing it, because God cares about not only what we do, but what we imagine doing. And even if there was nothing that caused me to think God was displeased about it, the addictive nature itself is damaging enough, time wasting enough, confusing my mind enough, that I would still think it was harmful and destructive in my life


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