New Link – Transsexual Anonymous

A friend sent me this link of a blog called – Transsexual Anonymous.  I finally had some time to check it out.  So far I’ve mostly just read his story – here.  Although he says he struggles with transgender feelings, his story seems very similar to most of our stories as crossdressers.  He got sexual pleasure out of imagining being a woman, which exactly describes many of us as crossdressers.  I drew very many parallels between his story and what I write about here – My Addiction to Crossdressing Fiction.  Like him, I read a lot of TG fiction fantasy stories and drew sexual pleasure from it.  At times after reading so many stories I also convinced myself I wanted to live as a woman.  I think his story helps to show that there is a lot of overlap between crossdressing as a fetish and struggling with transgender feelings (something I have argued for in other posts).

His site looks really helpful.  He not only goes through his story and how he is going through recovery and healing from these struggles, but it looks like he gives some helpful tips and advice.  He also has found great help in this struggle through his relationship with God.  I plan on reading the rest of his posts soon, and highly suggest you all do the same.  For those struggling with transgender feelings, his site is definitely a good resource for you.  He also talks about his struggles with pornography and prostitutes, and how he found help through sex addicts anonymous.  It looks like he hasn’t been around in a while, but hopefully he checks back on his site soon.


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