Sexual Addiction Blog Resource

Someone gave me this link a while back – Sexual Addiction Blog    I’ve been perusing some of the posts and it seems to be a tremendously helpful resource.  I’d like to point out that the author is not a Christian, and so on some fundamental life issues I would differ greatly with him.  So please do not think that I agree with everything he writes.

That said, he has years worth of posts about his journey toward healing from his sexual addiction to lust and fantasy.  He writes about his sexual addictions with compulsive masturbation, pornography, and it sounds like even prostitution and pornography.  He writes about going to Sexaholics Anonymous and how much it changed his life.

For those of you out there struggling with addictions to masturbation, pornography, or crossdressing, or all of the above, I strongly suggest you check out his website.  You’ll learn some good tips about how to combat lust, and the compulsive urges that come every day.  And if you are wondering whether to join one of these help groups like Sexaholics Anonymous, this would be a good site to get some feedback about how they work.


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