Some added Links

I’ve updated my links page with quite a few links.  In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t read every word, or listen to every second of each video because of my limited time.  But I looked at most of each one.  If you find something offensive, feel free to let me know about it, but I think these are all helpful resources.

First, here is a page of many personal testimonies of those who struggled with crossdressing or transgenderism – Help 4 Families Personal Stories.   Read about the brokenness that these struggles caused, and the freedom these people found in Christ.

Second, here is a video testimony from Sy Rogers – here.  He talks about Jesus giving him freedom from homosexuality and transsexualism.

Third, – here – is a video of Sy Rogers explaining differences between crossdressing, transgenderism, etc.  And he explains some of the current debates about transgenderism, intersexuality, and how to think about them from a Christian perspective.

Fourth, here is a – blog – that looks like it could be controversial, but he has some interesting stuff about the relative unsuccessful results of sex change surgeries, and talks about the depression and suicidal rates of those even after the surgery.

And if you look at my “Links” page, you’ll see I added 5 new ministries.   Each one has their own views, and emphases in ministry such as sexual brokenness, pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual addiction, etc.   They each have helpful resources and readings and links.


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