Fighting temptations by imagining myself crossdressed

One tool to fight crossdressing temptations over this last year has worked extremely well for me even though it seems a little bit counter-intuitive.  I haven’t had a lot of temptations recently, but once in a while a small thought of crossdressing comes.  Perhaps I will see some of my wife’s underwear in the laundry, or one of her dresses hanging up.  I get the thought of dressing up and how pleasurable it might be.  It’s usually not enough to make me seriously consider crossdressing and breaking my commitment to God.  It would take a strong temptation for me to fail now because I am enjoying my freedom from crossdressing so much.

But anyway, one of the things I have done to immediately diffuse the power of those temptations when they come is to purposely imagine myself crossdressed with whatever item I was desiring to put on.  I imagine what the mirror reflection would look like if I was looking at myself in the mirror.  This it not hard to imagine as I have spent a good portion of my life standing in front of mirrors while crossdressed.  If I put on a dress, and I don’t look in a mirror, it is easy to be turned on sexually and really enjoy the experience.  But looking in the mirror shows how stupid and foolish I actually look, and takes away the fantasy and the illusion.  And now, I can still remember so easily what I looked like, that it is very easy to imagine what I will look like in any particular clothing.

So now when tempted, I imagine how ugly and stupid I would look, how greatly the clothes would not fit my body, how the breasts would not look right or would be fake, how my face and beard would clash so horribly with the feminine apparel, how I would like a disturbed man in a dress, and how they are my wife’s clothes and would look 100 times more fitting and beautiful on her than me.  Imagining this almost always instantly diffuses the temptation so that I don’t want to give in at all anymore.  It cuts immediately through the fantasy and delusions, reminds me of who I really am, and takes away even my desires to crossdress at that moment.  It’s very easy to fight against a temptation when you can do something like this to actually take away your desire to do it.

I realize this might not work for everybody, especially those that think they actually look beautiful or like a real woman when they crossdress.  And for some of you imagining it could turn you on and increase your desires.  So be wise.  Don’t use this tool if it will not work for you.  But for me, it has worked remarkably well.  Use it if it works for you.  If too dangerous for you, then stay clear.  Hopefully it helps some of you.


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