Taking a short break from blogging

Things are getting busy for me at work, so I need to take a break from this blog for 2-3 weeks or so.  I am glad to keep up this blog and dialogue with others but my real life work and ministry must come first.   I will be blogging again though in not too long.   It will also be nice to take a break from thinking about crossdressing.  Even though I don’t really think about it at all during each day anymore, I always think about it for the few minutes that I check my blog email each day.  Doing so does not harm me.  It doesn’t cause me temptation but only serves to remind me of how glad I am that God rescued me from crossdressing.   But I get tired of thinking about it.  It’s messed up and I’m glad to have it out of my life.  So this will be a nice break.

In the meantime, I most likely won’t be checking my blog email at all, and that also means I won’t be available to approve comments.  Continue to read and continue to comment.  When I get time I will approve and reply to comments.  So please be patient.

For those of you who are fighting crossdressing – Be strong in the Lord.  Keep fighting.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lean on me for your support.  Lean on the Lord.  Pray to him for help every day.  Don’t give in to self-deception.  Fill your mind with truth about crossdressing, and the truth of God’s Word.  There is freedom to be had.  And that freedom is sweet, much sweeter than the temporary perverted pleasures of crossdressing.  Keep striving for that freedom.  You have the choice to give in or not.  Be the man that God created you to be.  Take it from me, it is well worth it, beyond what I could have even predicted.


One comment on “Taking a short break from blogging

  1. Ralph says:

    Enjoy your break, amigo. I know you have a lot to be thankful for!


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