Found a New Blog of Someone Resisting Crossdressing

I found another blogger who is a Christian trying to give up his crossdressing addiction, though in his case he seems to be dealing more with gender identity issues, or perhaps both issues at once.  His blog is called – “Beyond GID – Living the Process of Redemption from GID through Jesus Christ.”  It appears it hasn’t been updated in some years, but he does have some good stuff to say in his few posts.  Check it out.  I particularly like his first post entitled – Preface, in which he talks about the idolatry of femininity, asking God for a magical quick fix from his gender dysphoria, and how God never promised we wouldn’t have trials in our lives.

Unrelated, here is another link – Perry Desmond (1936-1984) – performer, prostitute, sailor, beautician, occult retailer, pastor.  I believe that the author of this blog has quite different views from my own.  But they wrote an essay/book review about Perry Desmond, who lived as a woman for much of his life, until becoming a Christian and going back to living as a man.  The comments below are interesting as some of the commenters knew him personally.  The comment about Perry’s infectious love for Jesus especially struck me.


One comment on “Found a New Blog of Someone Resisting Crossdressing

  1. Ralph says:

    Back when I used Facebook*, a group dedicated to crossdressing had a few posts by someone who had gone down the whole GID path to the point of having the surgery, only to discover it didn’t make his (her) life magically wonderful and now he crusades tirelessly to convince men not to go down a path they will ultimately regret. I wish I could remember his name… he was, of course, met with ridicule and hostility from the opposition but it was a powerful message that I repeat often when someone says things along the lines of “I enjoy being a girl so much, I think it’s time to do it permanently.”

    * I still use FB daily to keep up with friends and family, but long ago stopped the self-affirmation cycle of hanging out with crossdressers who just gather together telling each other how pretty they are. So the faux Ralph account is gone, and only the “real me” remains.


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