Avoiding Sexual Sin

I found this video really helpful in thinking about avoiding crossdressing temptations, in life or on the computer.  The video is by Pastor Mark Driscoll.  Let me first say that I often can’t stand the things Pastor Driscoll says.  I think he is way off base much of the times on his views of the differences between men and women.  Some of his statements that involve his rigid gender stereotypes have made me really angry.  However, just because I disagree with him on some things, doesn’t mean God can’t still use him to speak truth into my life.

He says a lot of good things in this video, but what I found the most helpful was when he talked about putting your sexual sin to death.   He says “Don’t manage your sin.”  That really hit home to me.  I’ve tried that so many times.  We can’t manage our sin.  We can’t tolerate it at all.  We need to crucify it.  The more we try to manage it, the more it grows and takes hold of us.  You try to manage it and the next thing you know you’ve spent hours and hours being enslaved by it and not being able to get yourself away.  Too often I’ve said these lies to myself, thinking that I could manage the sin and just flirt with it.
-I’ll just search on google for “he had to wear her clothes” but I won’t read any stories.
-I’ll just do a google image search for crossdressed, but I won’t go to any other websites.
-I’ll just watch this commercial advertisement about crossdressing that just popped up on this website, but I won’t do anything else.
-I’ll just see if her shoe fits, but that is all I will do.

Things like this are easy to rationalize at times, but they are flirting with sin.  In some cases they are giving in to sin.  And once we rationalize, once we try to manage, once we flirt with sin, hours later we find ourselves already having masturbated, or already having fully crossdressed, or already having spent hours reading crossdressing fiction.  We must put these sins to death and not try to manage or tolerate anything, not even the slightest thought or daydream.

Driscoll also recommends getting healing from your sexual addictions before getting married.  I personally wish I had done this.  It would have made things easier on our marriage, and I would not have abused my wife’s belongings so much if I had conquered my addiction beforehand.  It would have been easier to stop then, then how hard it was to stop once already married.

Video – Here is Part 1

Video – Here is Part 2


7 comments on “Avoiding Sexual Sin

  1. Kaitliana26 says:

    I’m fascinated!! First reading your “My Perspective”, and now reading this, about Mark Driscoll. . . I don’t mean to put so much emphasis upon this, because it’s certainly, by NO MEANS the most important thing concerning this topic ( really, I mean the overall purpose of your website ), but I can see a pattern of you (Thorin) having a Reformed Doctrinal backround. Am I right?

    Now, I bring a subject up like this, because I happen to have a Reformed backround. And to find someone that’s personally struggled with a lot of these same things, also happens to have what seems like some similar doctrinal backrounds as I do – that’s awesome!!

    I’ve NEVER meet anyone who’s understood this kind of stuff from my church – or any of the churches I’ve attended in the past.

    The biggest thing that I liked in “My Perspective” was laying such a solid foundation for this website with “What is The Chief End of Man?” from the Westminster Catechism. : )


  2. thorin25 says:

    Thanks Kaitliana, for reading, and carefully understanding my faith stance on this site. I think probably a lot of people just skip the “my perspective” part. I would say I have a broadly Reformed worldview. The Mark Driscoll thing has nothing to do with that. He’s just a famous pastor and I stumbled across some of his videos on youtube. But the Westminster Catechism does resonate very well with my beliefs. And I think confessions are very important. Anyway, all that to say, you are correct 🙂


  3. Rob Milliken says:

    FYI Thorin thought you might wish to know that unless I’m messing up, Pastor Driscoll’s vid’s are not working. Just some vid game advertisement…


  4. thorin25 says:

    Hi Rob, you actually have to click on the link and go to youtube. The advertisement under the blog post is added by wordpress, and not the video.


  5. Jared says:

    Thorin, you can embed the videos into your page. Just click on “share” then “embed”. Copy the link and post it into your page.


  6. thorin25 says:

    Thanks Jared! I’ll give that a try, it worked!


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