Resisting temptation during trips

It can be a huge issue for many of us to give into crossdressing while we are away from home and family on business trips.   This has not been much of an issue for me as I rarely travel without my wife.  The times I have had to travel for pastoral conferences and things I am usually staying with other people.  For me it’s being at home alone if my wife leaves somewhere.  But anyway, I know from talking to many of you men that it brings great temptation to crossdress and revert to old habits when you are alone at a hotel away from home.

Because of this, I wanted to point out to you my friend’s post called – “Ideas for Successful Trips.”  It is a very helpful post.  It includes concrete and very practical ideas for what you can do to reduce temptation.  I think some of the best ideas include – telling other people before you leave that you will need help and phone calls while you are away, and making sure to bring no cash with you but only a credit card.   Writing poetry for your wife is a pretty darn good idea as well 🙂


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