Saddened by this news article

Read this article – Recognition for Australians who identify as neither sex.  I learned before kindergarten that boys and girls are different.  They are not exactly the same.  They have different bodies.  This used to be basic common sense knowledge.  How has our society gotten so confused?

It’s such a warped view of freedom.  We tell little kids so often, “you can be whatever you want to be.”  I used to think people just meant by that phrase that kids could do whatever type of job and work in the future that they wanted to (though that is not even true, life is hard and we don’t all get to do whatever the heck we might want).  But I think now society thinks of that phrase quite literally, “you can be whatever you want to be.”  Oh you don’t like being a little boy?  We can alter your body through surgery so that you can be a girl.  You don’t like having small breasts?  We can get you breast implants later.

People in Australia and everywhere else should have a good amount of freedom to dress how they want to (within reason, I happen to appreciate laws against public nakedness).  And they should have freedom to give themselves names that are usually given to the opposite sex.  They should have freedom to live how they want to within the bounds of the law.  But transgendered folk should not impose upon me, and upon the government, that we must view them as not being either a man or a woman.  You can go around calling yourself a woman when you are really a man.  But don’t make society go along with your charade.  That is ridiculous.

This article is very strange in that society has recently adapted to a distinction between “sex” and “gender” (a distinction which I have found unhelpful and misleading.  They use “sex” to talk about biology and “gender” to talk about behavior.  Unfortunately they qualify “gender” according to old worn out gender stereotypes.  And then tell people they can choose what gender they want to be).  But even if we grant that those two things are different as most of society tends to do these days, then wouldn’t this person in the article be registered with the government as either male or female sex (which can be scientifically proven and is not a subjective thing!), even if his gender was not specific?

I understand that the case for intersexed people (who are born that way), makes it a bit more complicated, but my understanding is that the vast majority of people born intersex still identify clearly with one sex, and most of their physical conditions make clear what sex they actually are, and what other aspects of their body are an anomaly.

Am I being too harsh or am I missing something?  I know that if had given fuel to the transgendered feelings in myself, and actually went on to try to live as a woman, I personally would not have expected the government to pretend I was not actually biologically male.


2 comments on “Saddened by this news article

  1. Ralph says:

    I have no idea what the vast majority of intersexed people do, but the ones I’ve talked to (maybe 3 or 4) do NOT identify specifically as male or female. They share the common crossdresser tendencies to have both masculine and feminine personality traits, PLUS they have the added grief of combination hardware and plumbing to go with it.

    I’d be curious whether the people referenced in that article not only experience personality conflicts that make it difficult for them to self-identify as male or female, but if there are physical differences as well. Not necessarily as glaringly obvious as fully intersexed, but a different mix of hormones that makes feminine characteristics more prominent in biological males and masculine characteristics more prominent in biological females.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Did you talk to them online? I’m wondering if there are tons of people who are intersex, but they have dealt with it and don’t go around calling themselves intersex, and maybe the ones you’ve run into online you only found them because they still call themselves intersex and share the common interest of crossdressing. I surely agree that they have many added griefs that we do not have. They have all sorts of pain to deal with that I will never experience. I don’t envy them.

    Even if we granted that we needed a new category for intersexed people, why does this entail giving EVERYONE the option of choosing non-specific? We could just say that intersexed people could choose to put down intersexed if they wanted to. But if they were embassed about that they could put down male or female. This would be the honest way to do it. Just an idea.

    I don’t like how a very small anomaly changes the whole way we look at the system. If a few people are born with only 1 leg, that is not going to convince us to believe that people are not supposed to be born with 2 legs. Being born intersexed is being born with a bodily defect. I don’t see why we have to go from there to denying that there are only 2 sexes (and the added idea that everyone can choose what they want to be). In fact, intersexed people, and the pain they go through, and the bodily defects they have, prove to us that there are 2 sexes and the importance of them. But if there pain is so severe and their condition is completely balanced between male and female body parts, then I guess they could consider themselves non-specific in sex. But I don’t see how it makes sense to give that choice to everyone. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the comment Ralph.


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