New fellow fighters and links!

I came across a bunch of interesting blogs about crossdressing this past week.

We have a new fellow fighter, mariposa, also a member of our prayer chain!  His blog is called – Recovering through faith: the diary and recollections of a recovering sex addict.  He is giving up his crossdressing addiction and looking for healing in Christ.  He has been vigorously writing about his journey.  Head on over to his blog and encourage him and pray for him.

I also came across another blog – secret diary of a sex addict.  The author knows the pain crossdressing and other sexual temptations have caused for him throughout his life, and he is working through these difficult things with a counselor.  He is also struggling to figure out what he actually believes about crossdressing.   I encourage you to go read his posts, give him your support, and pray for him.

I found through the wordpress reader another man who is finding healing in Christ and resisting crossdressing in his life.  His blog is in Portuguese so I had to use google translate.  His blog is – Algo a mais na Verdade.  I’m pretty sure it’s just the one post so far about crossdressing and his blog might not really be about that part of his life.  So I won’t add him to fellow fighters for now.  But keep me posted if he writes more about crossdressing!

Last, I found a blog about a wife who is frustrated with her husbands’ crossdressing addiction – Out of my panties, Now!!  It’s a good reminder of the pain we crossdressers can or have caused to our wives though I have to say I disagree fairly strongly with her blanket negative portrayal of crossdressers.


2 comments on “New fellow fighters and links!

  1. Kristjan says:

    Not everyone that struggles with crossdrssing is Christian and still know its wrong could good idea to point to some none Christian literature on the matter.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Absolutely Kristjan. I think a good majority of my posts would apply even to those who aren’t Christians. Likewise, I’d add links to other bloggers who are giving up crossdressing who aren’t Christians.

    I’m always looking for good resources, so you are welcome to suggest some. If you look on my links page you’ll see that they are not all Christian resources. I have a whole list of other resources to look through yet that I haven’t linked to yet, I’m pretty behind, but I’ll keep working at it. Thanks for the good thought


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