Norwegian Videos – Nature Versus Nurture

The title of the video series is Hjernevask or “Brainwashing” in English.  Go here to view the videos.  The videos are not in English, but there are English subtitles.  The whole series is really interesting, but it takes a fair amount of time to view it all.  Some of the videos though are particularly interesting for topics related to this blog, topics such as nature versus nurture, gender differences, sex, homosexuality, and gender identity.  The theme of the videos is basically that the social sciences have a lot of naive theories and tend to ignore biological studies and research.  Even though the setting is Norway, the same seems to be true in the USA.  We are fed a lot of cultural theories and assumptions that are not necessarily the truth, even if the truth is politically incorrect.  I found these videos to be very informative, powerful, and interesting.

Here are some of the things I found most interesting.

1.  There are considerable differences between men and women on average and this is not just the result of cultural socialization but actually the result of biology.  In fact, as the videos show, the more egalitarian and free a society is, the more people can do whatever they want in a society, then the more we will see different sexes generally choosing different lines of work and interests.  This tells me that there are innate differences between men and women (on average, in general), that God designed.  They say evolution, but I say God, whether directly or through using the process of evolution.  This is an important truth.  I was taught that men and women are generally exactly the same other than reproductive organs.  But this isn’t the truth.  We are different from birth and predisposed to different things.  The studies in the video show that these differences show up 1 day after birth.

Now, my argument still stands that if we find ourselves different from the average man, that doesn’t mean we aren’t truly a man.  We have to accept ourselves as still being a man, but just not one that fits with the general stereotypes.  I’m still against harmful gender stereotypes, of which there are many, such as that men can never cry, or show compassion or have to be good at working on cars or other stupid things.  But at the same time, we can acknowledge that there are certain general differences between men and women.  The challenge is to still accept women engineers and male nurses, without saying they are not truly men or truly women.  The answer is still to find acceptance as atypical men, rather than to try to be women through crossdressing or transsexualism in order to be ourselves.


2.  The homosexuality video clearly shows that there is something biological going on with same-sex attraction.  This is what I was already taught in seminary.  The video surprised me though.  I had no idea so many homosexuals wanted to refrain from looking at biological evidence for homosexuality.  I always thought that the liberals promoting homosexuality wanted to find the biological evidence in order to say that they can’t help but live this way.  So we have Christians like me who want to see what biological evidence there is for homosexuality, and Christians who are afraid to look there.  And then you have homosexuals who want to look at the biological evidence, and homosexuals who are afraid to look there.  At any rate, I think it’s safe to say that it is proven there is at least something biological going on with homosexuality.  But again, it is a logical jump to then say that homosexual behavior is morally acceptable to God.  That I do not believe.  See this post – But I was born with these desires.

Also in the homosexuality video, I thought it was interesting how they talked about the extreme promiscuity of homosexuals.  Their explanation seemed to make sense to me as to why this happens.  The video was talking about how across all cultures men want more sexual partners than women.  They want much more diversity.  Well, if both partners are men, they both feel that way, and so they end up with many partners.  There are no children to tie them down to the relationship long term.   It is crazy that 28% of the homosexuals in San Francisco have had over 1000 sexual partners.

There was also talk in the “sex” episode about the similarities in personality and interests between male homosexuals and females.  The mannerisms are very similar, in actual biology, not just in learned behavior.  And the interests are strikingly similar.  I’m not sure what this tells us exactly, but it is very interesting information.


3.  The last episode about nature and nurture made clear that nature and nurture both play a role.  But many liberals want to say its ALL nurture, and this is clearly wrong.  If you have a son, you should realize he is going to naturally be different than if I had a daughter.  But you can help him to teach him what being a male means as well, according to the Bible, and even some of the cultural norms.  But at the same time you can allow him to be himself, if his “nature” is different from the typical males in our culture.

They did a great job talking about gender identity in this episode, that its not something that is neutral that can be changed.  Oh how I wish all the liberals on wordpress would watch this video.  There is indeed a gender binary.  It is a biological thing.  Gender is not a fluid thing that we can create.  There are not 5 genders.  There are biological aberrations once in a while, or confused people, but not multiple genders to choose from.  The case studies they mentioned are important.  We are not a blank slate when it comes to birth and gender.  But they mostly talked about intersexuals and how they are a definite sex, even if it’s not clear to us because of the malformed organs.  I wish they would have talked about people who feel that they have a different gender identity.  That would have been more helpful for many of us.


Watch the videos and comment with your thoughts.  They are long but so worth it!  Don’t comment with something contrary unless you first watch some of the videos.  Thanks!


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