Maybe an interesting book?

This book looks like it could be quite interesting.  The author is a woman whose husband got a sex-change, and they divorced.  This news article talks about it – Author revisits when Adam became Audry.  Anyone read it yet?


4 comments on “Maybe an interesting book?

  1. Ralph says:

    “when he revealed soon after their two-year wedding anniversary that he had known he wanted to be a woman since he was 16.”

    I don’t care where you stand on the advisability or ethics of SRS, I just want to punch him. There are those who claim they didn’t know, or they tried to suppress it, until after they were married but he *knew*, and kept this life-altering part of him hidden from her. Their whole courtship and wedding vow were a farce from the start.

    As much as I preach on “don’t judge, don’t condemn, let God deal with their behavior, blah blah blah” my response here is more than a bit hypocritical, but I’m just appalled and I suppose I’m letting my anger affect my response.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Ralph, I’m inclined to agree with you. Getting married is a huge step and you should know your fiance as well as you can before getting married. They are marrying you, it’s a huge commitment, you should share all you can.

    That said, I also didn’t tell my wife the full amount of my struggle until a few months into our marriage. Let’s face it, it’s a tough thing to bring up. Plus we think we will be able to handle it so we don’t bring it up. We think its of the past at times, and so we don’t want to bring it into the future.

    So I guess I would want to agree with you and strongly say its wrong to do what he did, and on the other hand, I would strongly want to repent of my own failing to bring it up before marriage. And then have forgiveness and mercy on this man who messed up in the same way I did.


  3. Vivienne says:

    I did not tell my wife I was a crossdresser until several years into our marriage. Truthfully, I believed that being married would cure me of crossdressing. In addition, I was deeply ashamed, and very worried what she might think of me. As it turns out, not very highly, at least of the crossdressing.

    At the time I got married, I had nobody to talk to about crossdressing. I hadn’t explored it fully; I hadn’t tried to figure it out, and its place in my life. I made a dreadful mistake. But I made it for what I considered to be the best of reasons at the time.



  4. Ralph says:

    Well, at the risk of making a distinction based purely on what my friends do… I think there is a difference. I understand that God doesn’t rank sins, but still…

    I do preach on the importance of telling your wife about the crossdressing as soon as possible, preferably before marriage, so she can make a fully informed decision about how to spend the rest of her life. But I also understand that opening up about crossdressing can be frightening enough that folks think they can keep it under control and out of sight without confessing.

    But therein lies the difference. You *can* control the crossdressing, keep it hidden, learn (preferably with divine guidance) stop it completely. But changing your sex is permanent, has a direct impact on your family’s life, and cannot be undone or worked around or enjoyed temporarily before reverting to being a “normal” husband and father. From my point of view, that’s the difference between simply being thoughtless and being outright criminal.


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