Narcissism = Crossdressing

The title is not from me, but from another crossdresser.  See his post here – Narcissism = Crossdressing.  WARNING – there are crossdressing pictures at the site, so don’t go there if it will cause you to fall into temptation.

The author and I agree on this point about crossdressing.  I’m not sure why he continues to give into it, while at the same time believing that it is a narcissistic obsessive activity.  But I do know that for me, Jesus has called me to a life of serving him and serving others, which leaves no room for narcissism.  A hobby to relieve stress is one thing.  An activity that is focused totally on self, on worshiping self, on making self as beautiful as possible, and being sexually attracted to self, an activity that once given in to is hard to stop even after 4 hours, well that for me, is not an activity I want in my life.


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