Friend has gone almost 3 years without CD

Hopefully most of you have read some of Shards’ posts at My Crossdressing Recovery.   If not, you are missing out, great stuff there.  We haven’t heard from Shards for about a year, but he just made a recent post – 2 years and 10 months.  It will give you some perspective on what it feels like farther out on the road to giving up crossdressing.  It’s not all rosy, but it is encouraging as well.

His perspective is quite a bit different than mine.  For example he talks about going through the stages of grief and having depression.  I have not experienced this myself, but perhaps many of you have or will.  This makes it important to read his post and learn from him.  Each person is different and I will not be able to relate to every single thing each struggling crossdresser out there is feeling.  So we need to keep sharing our perspectives with each other and learning from each other.  Check out his post, it’s good.


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