Being born transgendered nonsense

I’m going through my friend Ikthys’ older posts, and this one is too good not to share – Born Identity.  In a clear logical way Ikthys cuts through the nonsense of the arguments that some people are born somehow with a female brain.  I love how he talks about the very tiny difference between male and female brains anyway and that the small differences don’t actually amount to that much in terms of each individual’s gender expression.  There is much to say about his post, but I would just be repeating him, and his post is already excellent, so just go there and read it!  🙂

I’d like to see some healthy debate about this.  I see the arguments that transsexuals make all the time, but I rarely see them engage counter-arguments such as these, or similar arguments I’ve made on my blog.  Are they ignoring these ideas because they don’t know how to respond?


5 comments on “Being born transgendered nonsense

  1. Don says:

    I wish we really knew what causes transgender, but we don’t. The world’s culture of raising beautiful women on a pedistal contributes. Women having the availabiiity of numerous means of adornment while men are expected to be drab is another,

    I always think it’s funny when, say at a formal event, the men are all dressed almost exactly alike, all wearing white and black, this being something where everyone is dressed at the top of the clothing pyrimid.

    When I see guys on TV, all wearing basically the same thing with minor variations of dull color suits and shirts, and maybe a little flair in tie color (but the ties are all the same shape) again it is the culture that forces men to that form.

    Yet women are given total freedom of form. Maybe us crossdressers were born with a brain that rebels against this slavery of having to conform to a restricted form of expression.

    I know that we have more freedom in casual clothes but not much. There are only a few types of mens shirts and pants. When we see all the different shapes of clothes that women have there is no comparison.

    With men’s clothes there is not much choice between how is expresses our masculinity. There is some but the range is small. With women they can be sweet, sexy, simple or elaborite and range of style is very wide and they can express themselves in everyday dressing, not just on certain ocasions.

    I’m sure this causes some of us to want what is on the other side of the fence. What was it that caused us to try on that first item of clothing and then get hooked on the high. What was in us in the first place. I think that biology has something to do with it besides our emotional experiences. In fact with some of our emotional experiences, we should be hateful, callous

    From my contact of crossdressers, I think that most that I knew were basically good, nuturing,caring people. I have not seen the self-centeredness, dishonest, and irresponsibility that I have seen in normal sex addicts that I met in SA groups. We are not evil people but victums of Satin’s dirty tricks being sucked in at an age when we were too young to understand what we were doing to ourselves.

    I can’t imagine another group of men who are so concerned about a brother that they would take the time to express their concern and help. In many ways we are like a group of women talking to each other and that is our inborn nature of nurtuing and caring that is similar to women.

    In fact with some of our emotional experiences, we should be hateful, callous and uncaring indiviuals as some very troubled people turn out when they are adults.

    That does not give us any justification for wanting to be a woman but I think it is an indicator that something biological is going on.



  2. thorin25 says:

    I think we are biologically wired differently than perhaps the most average man. So some of us may be biologically wired to be more emotional, nurturing, or tend to cry more, whatever characteristic you want to give us that which makes us more “feminine” according to the cultural definition of that word. But that biology just determines part of who we are, and it doesn’t mean we aren’t men. If you take a group of men and a group of women, and put them on a spectrum there will be women at one far end, and some men on the other far end, most women and men will be in between in the overlap, and in that overlap area we might be more towards the feminine side than some women, but that doesn’t make us women. We are still men. We are still males with male bodies who can do what men do.

    I’m glad God didn’t make all women exactly the same, and all men exactly the same. We are diverse, and it’s a beautiful thing! Imagine what would happen if all men who didn’t fit the masculine stereotypes of our culture became women? It would be a pretty stifling unimaginative culture. Everyone would be the same.


  3. Kristjan says:

    Don’s intro statement is a self refuting Idea, a logical fallacy that states that cause of something (in this case transgenderism) is always misunderstood. When there isn’t that much to misunderstand about crossdressing/transgenderism and the way of those pepole is thinking. It would be funny how many logical errors you would find in their arguments if you actually paid attention to what they are saying. “male to female crossdressing/transgender” this term is a logical fallacy since its as false analogy. So no wonder so many that engage in this behavior get confused about their gender ID. Additionally fallacies like appeal to emotion and wishful thinking. And finnally “born this way” is form of burden of prof fallacy. since no one was born in clothes. and dressing is LEARNED BEHAVIOR.

    Not sure, it has escaped Don, but men don’t express there masculinity through their dressing. But through music, art, writing, inventions, sport, hunting, etc, all best artist, musicans, writers, inventors are men not women.


  4. Don says:


    I was wondering, are you a crossdresser or are you someone who does not like crossdressing?

    I totally agree with what Thorin said. There is a spectrum of masclinity in both genders. There are extremely masculine men that are transgender. Any kind of crossdressing for most men is accompanied by an erotic sexual feeling. That is caused by our bioligical response to the feminine, so the reason we crossdress is BECAUSE we are men, not because we feel we are women. It’s that high that we get that makes us think that we have that “feminine feeling”.

    The way I thought about men’s clothing has played a big part in the way I feel about my masculinity, and just me, not every crossdresser. For me, it is a rational explanation and I don’t expect you or everybody to understand my thinking. I also think it may have been a way that I used to justify my crossdressing.

    I agree that most men don’t express their masculinity through clothing, but some do express lack of masculinity through how they appear. Certainly clothing is the way that women express their femininity, (just go to Victoria’s Secret or a bridal shop), and we who have been affected by gender confusion have a sensitivity and envy of womens clothing.

    That’s no excuse, but to say biology has nothing to do with it, is to say that biology has nothing to do with our personality or likes and dislikes. Our biology, or the way we came out of the womb, has everything to do with how we act and think.

    Also, all our life experiences , which we have no control over when we are babies shape our personality, because the biology affects how we react to experiences. We all had some out of the ordinary experience to direct us in the direction we went and we were too young to know how to handle it except to escape some sort of pain or semingly life threatening event.

    The alternative is to biology is to just say we are baaaaaaad human beings.



  5. Kristjan says:

    Nope, I’m not a cross-dresser, but its still weird to automatically assume that I dislike cross-dressers, or cross-dressing. Now I had 1 or 2 experience with it past but the out come wasn’t that good or convincing. It didn´t want me to continue with cross-dressing knowing how much of a perfectionist i’m. Now my interest in the topic wasn’t reintroduced until few years ago when I to an anthropological class at my local collage.

    As for biological differance from other men, the only legit explaination is if the person is actually intersexed, i.e abnormal sex chromosomes being it xxy, xxyy etc. Or hormonal imballance. other wise there is no biological base for it. In other words its all physiological. Cross-dressing might be in response to physiological trauma, rather than a cause of physicological truma. If its carried out as unhealthy obsession.

    If you put all your ID into your looks and clothes wouldn’t you feel that you have rather swallow personality? Woman that does that actually is rather shallow not sure if I did want to know her.

    Since you envy women so much, how does the idea of going on periods sounds to you and pregnancy?

    As much as you want to blame biology for crossdressing, id like to inform you that clothings are human inventions, to keep us warm since our own skin couldn’t protect us form cold. There is no biological base for crossdressing. Comparing humans to other primates like abes I’m pretty sure that transgenerism, i’m not talking about biological intersex doesn’T exist amongst them.


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