Some new links – Sy Rogers, APA articles

Here is Sy Roger’s youtube page with many videos of him speaking – BraveNewDay.  For those of you that don’t know who he is, he is an international speaker/minister especially concerning pastoral care topics.  But he also speaks about his past in which he struggled much with homosexuality and transgenderism.  He talks about how God helped him through those struggles.  Eventually he even got married.  He doesn’t pretend that everything is perfect, but does talk about how much he appreciates God’s love.  His testimony has the feel of great integrity and reality.

Here is Sy Rogers website – Sy Rogers Communications.

On a totally different note, here is the American Psychological Association’s documents regarding transgender issues, treatment, and care – Transgender Identity Issues in Psychology.  There are a lot of tabs, pages, and documents here to read, some of the documents over a hundred pages long each.  I’m not personally going to read them all right now, but thought I would share the link with you in case some of you want to do some research.  I think they have a lot of helpful things to say, especially about explaining the different terms and conditions and prevalence, and so on.  Surely a lot of good information there.  However, I know that I disagree with most secular psychologists on treatment for transgenderism, as I would not want to encourage anyone to live in the sex that they were not born as.  Psychologists are like anyone else; they are people, each with their own worldview.  And many of their worldviews are vastly different from the Christian worldview.

Connected to the above, here is the APA’s LGBT Publications, Reports, and Resources.

If you find anything really interesting as you read the articles, please share with us in a comment below!


3 comments on “Some new links – Sy Rogers, APA articles

  1. Michael26 says:

    My tuesday night grp. covered His entire series “Lessons Learned”… it was excellent!!


  2. thorin25 says:

    That’s awesome! How much did his series cover his past regarding gender dysphoria? Or did he just talk about general themes and not get into specifics of his past?


  3. Michael26 says:

    It covered it all pretty good.


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