Feminist Links Critiquing Transgender ideology

I found a bunch of interesting blogs and blog posts today.  They are loosely connected to each other by a similar theme, which is feminism, and feminist critiques of typical transgender ideology and arguments.  (I could be wrong, perhaps not all of these links directly fit this theme or maybe some don’t align themselves with the feminist movements, I apologize if so).

Before I link to all these posts, let me give a caveat.  That is that I have many very strong disagreements with radical feminism.  I find much of their ideology problematic and offensive, but that is a long tangent.  If you are interested in hearing my ideas about that, you can comment below and I’ll send you an email.  I don’t want to clutter up my blog with unrelated topics, even if it is one like this that I am passionate about.  One thing I will mention though about modern feminism though is their view of sex/gender since it is related.  Many feminists strongly argue that sex and gender are wholly separate things.   I believe they are naïve about this and ignoring biology and science and a plethora of studies, not to mention common sense.  Boys and girls are different, and there are biological reasons for this that go beyond culture.  Sure, people are all on a spectrum and we can’t pigeon-hole people, and enforce harmful gender stereotypes.  I myself don’t fit most of the stereotypes for men in our culture.  But to deny that there aren’t inherent general differences in the personality, minds, and behavior of men and women is grossly false and very harmful to society.

With that caveat in mind though, it is good to be able to spot the truth wherever we can and I spotted truth at these feminist sites.  Over the past years as I have been perusing the internet and other blogs, I’ve been learning more and more about some large disagreements and hostility between feminists and transgendered people and lobbyists.  As an outsider to this battle, there is much I don’t know about it.  But there is a lot of anger there.  I hope that both sides can sit down and really think through arguments rather than just spouting anger and hostility, and name calling.  Sometimes that is rare and I’ve experienced myself many illogical people come to my blog calling me names and ranting without actually reading or listening to what I have to say.

I don’t know much at all about the blogs I’m linking to, but these posts seem quite civil and well thought out.  I found some good logical arguments against the illogical ideology of transsexuals and transgendered people.  Obviously not all transgendered people use these arguments and ideas, but I have heard them a lot and they seem to be fairly mainstream.  Comment below if you want to have discussion on any of the links or ideas.


The first link is the one I found the most interesting.  This is the blog of a man who transitioned to living as a woman, but when confronted by a feminist friend about the illogical nature of his “transition” and how it is actually an offense against women, this man recently transitioned back to living as a man again, his real male self.   I have heard of men doing this before, but not for this reason.  The stories I’ve heard in the past were men who tried to live as women but then were convicted by God, experienced God’s love, and then went back to living as the men they are.  This particular story is different.

Transitioning back to being a man
His Story
His Post – It ain’t Easy – In this post he articulates in brief some of the truths he has come to hold, truths about his real sex, and about how he views transgenderism to be harmful to women.   I’m not sure I’m in 100% agreement that people living as the opposite sex is really all that harmful to women or children.  It certainly is messed up and brings confusion into society, and I would say it’s deceptive.  But I would be interested to hear more about why he think it’s “harmful” to women.  Maybe he will in an upcoming post.


-Warning picture of crossdressing-
If transwomen are women, then what does being a woman mean?   You cannot claim to be a certain objective thing based only on your subjective feelings, contrary to what everyone else sees clearly about you, contrary to what your own body says about you.
On this blog there are also other interesting articles and statements such as one on the “brain sex argument” of transsexuals.


Gender Identity Disorder is very much a mental illness – This is an interesting one.  I’ve seen other feminists take this line of thought in regards to transgenderism and crossdressing.  It can be taken too far to demonize crossdressers or transsexuals.  In reality, I think almost every person has some sort of mental illness.  Let’s face it, we live in a fallen world stained by sin.  Our bodies are not perfect.  Our minds are not perfect.  We all have wounds from our childhood.  We all have trauma, grief, and compulsions.  So on the one hand, I want to say that everyone has varying degrees of mental illness, and so we can’t make too big of a deal out of saying that gender dysphoria is a mental illness.  On the other hand, the first step to getting proper help from gender dysphoria or crossdressing is to admit that it is a problem, an illness, and that one needs help.


A feminist critique of “cisgender”
I definitely don’t agree with everything in the above link.  But it’s an interesting topic and post.  The whole “cis” idea bothers me terribly.  We are either male or female.  There is no need for a new term, “cis.”  We don’t get to choose what sex we are.  We don’t have some broad spectrum of 3 sexes, 5 sexes, or 7 sexes to choose from.  There is a biological “binary.”  There are people born males.  There are people born females.  There are people born with biological defects making their sex hard to determine.   But these are defects, not biological blessings, and they don’t make life easy for those born this way.


Gender Identity Watch
Interesting site you could get lost in for a while doing research.  Here is the site’s description – Gender Identity Watch is a blog devoted to tracking legislation and case law that attempts to codify “gender identity” into law and to override protections based on sex.  Contributors to Gender Identity Watch are lawyers who apply a radical feminist analysis to gender, but who also are aware of the compromise that comes from interaction with legislatures and the courts.


Nobody is in a wrong body
This is a short interesting post that brings to mind to me how we always talk about how people need to be content with their bodies, their unique body type, their unique weight, they unique looks, their unique mind, etc.   When girls do not look like the models on magazine, we tell them that they are beautiful and that they shouldn’t reject their own bodies just because they don’t look like the models.  And yet those of us who have struggled with gender dysphoria do the very opposite.  We despise our bodies because they aren’t the bodies we want.   Is it really different?  Are we not being hypocrites to feel that way?   Our bodies matter and they are part of who we are.  We are not just souls in a prison of a physical body.  That is why the resurrection is so important.  When we die as Christians, we will be with Jesus in Heaven, but in some ways we will be discontent having to patiently wait to be embodied again, because being embodied is part of what it means to be human.  Therefore we need to learn contentment with the body we have, because it is us.  Of course all of us have things we don’t like about our bodies.  I’m not tall enough.  I don’t like how my face looks.  I’m too fat.  I don’t like my penis.  I wish I had breasts.  I wish I wasn’t bald.  I wish I had a smarter mind.   But we need to accept our limitations and learn to deal with who we are and the body we have, and to be grateful for it.

You cannot “self-identify” “gender”
So thankful for this person who succinctly points out the foolishness of thinking we can self-identify as something that others can clearly see we are not.  What makes me really angry is when transgendered people insist that I go against all my logic and reason and common sense to identify them in the way they identify themselves.  I am not going to call you a woman just because you want me to, even if I can clearly see that you are a man.  Of course, I’m not going to go around insulting people or try to make them feel bad.  There’s no need to purposely point out to a transsexual that you don’t believe they aren’t the sex they are trying to appear as.  In the same way, I generally don’t go around telling random strangers about their sins that I don’t like or telling them that their views are wrong.  But I’m also not going to check my mind at the door when talking to a transgendered person and take part in their delusion with them.  Yet another example of the foolishness of extreme tolerance in our culture, that I am supposed to be so tolerant that I have to change my own beliefs about who someone is because of their subjective feelings.  I refuse to give in to that.

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