Catholic Articles on the Gender Identity Movement

A new friend just shared this link with me.  Reading it felt like coming up for air after drowning under water.  Perusing the wordpress reader on topics like transgender or crossdressing, I start to feel like my views of these topics are not only in the minority, but a tiny flame of light in a world of darkness.  Of course that is not the truth.  Most of the people who don’t have crazy illogical views about gender are also the people NOT blogging about such topics.  But anyway, I still have to say, reading this article was so refreshing.  It’s so right, and just encouraged me to know that others are trying to shed light on this darkness of confusion as well.

Read it – Oh Gender, Thy Name is Legion: The Dangers of the Gender Identity Movement

Here are some other good ones worth reading – Gender Bender Madness, Millstones and Growing Signs of a Culture in Collapse

Poster Couple for an Anti-Theology of the Body

Gender is Gift: The Dangers of the Gender Identity Movement Must Be Exposed


7 comments on “Catholic Articles on the Gender Identity Movement

  1. Don says:

    I agree with the article but I am not sure about the implications of what transgender acceptance will do to the world. Even if it became more acceptable I don’t think that it would change the world order that much, most men want to be men and most women like to be women.

    With the church rejecting this, it will just drive more people away from Christ, who forgives everyone, including transsexuals, who has faith in him for their salvation. We have many more bigger problems facing our future than sexual problems. Greed and dishonesty of the few causing so many billions to be poor and starving for one.

    Terrorism affecting the world economies to have limited growth for fear of the devastating effects on peoples optimism is another.

    Things like this are much worst then sexual sins. They are addressed in the 10 commandments, stealing, killing and coveting. There is not much in the Bible about gender. We deduce from it what God intended, male and female.

    I may be wrong, but it has always bugged me about how the church makes such a big deal about sex and not the more important things that many more in those pews are really guilty of.

    I am not saying that transgender is not a sin, I am just saying that there are much more important things for the church to worry about.

    Sex is a very sensitive subject to some, while most of the elders in the church were brought up with very little exposure to it when they were children and it was mainly wispered about as though something is wrong with sex. Is this why it’s more important than real problems?

    It’s a big problem for us who are affected by some strange combination of things happening to us when we were children, and we are suffering for it now. That’s on a personal level, but it of course is not a world problem.



  2. thorin25 says:

    Hmm I agree with you to a large extent. There are certainly other more important things to be concerned about. But I don’t think it has to be an either or. I think the church is more concerned about poverty for example than sexual issues. FAR FAR more money is given by the church to take care of poverty and starvation, than money is given by the church to lobby for sexual issues. Far far more Christians dedicate their lives to eradicating poverty than to sticking up against these sexual issues. So I don’t think its fair to give that critique. The Church should be allowed to write an article about this without being criticized that they aren’t caring about the more important issues. But I do agree with you that there are far more important issues.

    The Church has a lot to speak on in this culture, and these sexual issues are one thing that they should speak on, even if its not the most important thing.

    And this is an issue that does go beyond live and let live. These sexual issues go into areas of child abuse, giving these surgeries to children for sex changes. It’s mutilation and harm.
    These sexual issues go into areas of practical freedom. I am very worried about our country soon forcing pastors to marry homosexuals, something which I would not do and would sooner go to prison for refusing to do so. Other Christians, non pastors have already been sued for not wanting to support homosexual practices in their workplaces or schools.
    And they are already forcing schools and employers to do things against their consciences as far as transgender issues go.
    And I think people should have the right to want women’s only restrooms, or men’s only restrooms, sports teams, etc.

    You have to admit all of this liberal BS about 9 genders and plethora of different sexualities, genders, gender expressions to choose from, certainly erodes our society. I’m not worried for the Church. The Church tends to thrive in immoral societies, but I still hate to see society go this way.


  3. thorin25 says:

    Don, the probably most important reason for the Church to speak out about this , is because the Church loves and has compassion on those like us who have struggled with these issues. If the Church really loves people with gender dysphoria, they want them to get the help and healing they need, instead of getting surgeries and living in deceit. In that case, the 1st step is explaining the illogical nature of transgender ideology


  4. I read several of these articles on The resounding message I got from them is the same old story: intolerance, inflexibility and adherence to dogma. It’s what I am used to from Catholics. I must say, I found nothing inspiring, nothing interesting, nothing even worth arguing with.



  5. thorin25 says:

    Sorry you feel that way Vivienne. I guess what you say about them you would need to apply to me as well…


  6. Hi Thorin. What I look for from Christians of all kinds is openness, tolerance, acceptance, and an understanding that all of us are doing the best we can to make our way in the world. I am not possessed by demons; I am not part of the Legion, and comparisons of that kind (as made by the writer of the article) are unnecessary and hurtful.

    The Roman Catholic Church seems to be especially prone to nauseating hypocrisy. “We are the one true Church,” they say. “We are the absolute spiritual and moral authority in the world.” Oh, but PS, we have known for a generation that far too many of our priests were sexually abusing children, yet instead of weeding out these criminals we have quietly kept our mouths shut, paid hush money, and pretended the problem didn’t exist. I find that galling.

    In all fairness, the objective evidence is that Catholic clerics are no more likely to sexually abuse children than clerical leaders of any other faith; it’s just that, by virtue of its size, and its insistence on ignoring and denying the problem, the Catholic Church has managed to cause untold harm.

    The tone of the article you cite is exactly in keeping with the self-assured smugness of the Catholic Church it propagated throughout this period. Why should I listen to anything the Catholic Church has to say on any subject? Put your own house in order, I want to tell it, before you start telling me how to put mine in order.

    Phew. Ranting now.



  7. thorin25 says:

    I’m glad you commented again. I understand a lot more of where you are coming from now. Makes sense.

    Here is my perspective. I am Protestant and have a fair number of issues with the Catholic Church, important issues. But like I said about the feminist blogs (whom I have even greater disagreements with), I like to point out truth where I see it. And I think what these articles say is true (even if the Catholic church has many other issues they should be dealing with).

    A first step towards reconciliation and helping someone or a group overcome hypocrisy, is finding your common ground and beginning a dialogue.


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