Blog of someone giving up crossdressing

Well, this looks like an old blog, but still it is interesting – Quitting Crossdressing & how to overcome the Addiction

He comes from a very different perspective than me, as he is an atheist.  But I think that just goes to show that it is easy to view crossdressing as a harmful addiction whether or not you believe in the truth of the Bible, and whether or not you believe that God exists.  Unfortunately many people ignore my blog just because of its Christian perspective.  Maybe linking to more blogs like the one of this atheist will help to show people that it’s not only Christians that see the destruction of crossdressing.

Unfortunately it looks like he forgot about his blog after one post.  Or perhaps he failed in crossdressing again after that post and didn’t have the heart to admit it and keep writing.  Either way, I’d love to hear an update from him eventually.


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