Gay Christian Speaker – Wesley Hill

A friend shared with me a speaking presentation by a Gay Christian man named Wesley Hill that she thought I would find interesting.  Boy did I ever.  It was amazingly good!  Powerful.   She actually sent to me four talks by two Gay Christian men that were part of a college’s lectures.  I’ll post them below.  I think that this first video is a must see by anyone who cares about the issue of homosexuality and the Christian faith, whatever you believe about homosexuality.  But in addition to that, I resonated with just about everything he said when thinking about my own crossdressing desires!  It is amazing how much in common we have with homosexuals.  They have desires they didn’t choose to have, and we have desires we didn’t choose to have.  As Christians, we all have to live in the difficult reality of not giving in to certain desires in order to follow Christ.  I think this video will be very helpful to all of us who struggle with either homosexual attraction or crossdressing desires.  Please watch it!


1. Wesley Hill – Between Presumption and Despair: Practicing the Virtue of Hope as a Celibate Gay Christian

This first talk by far was my favorite.  Often homosexual Christians drown in despair, either by thinking they have to give up their faith to give in to their sexual desires, or that they have to give up all joy in life in order to follow God’s commands about sexuality.   Wesley Hill talks about the hope he has!  He actually says its sinful to be in despair!   He talks about living in tension and God’s grace for him.  Watching this talk made me feel so good and full of joy.  This man has such respect for God’s Word and the Church.  He speaks so much truth, and shares of himself.  He talks about how he did not choose his sexual orientation and that he can’t ignore it.  His sexual orientation is not sinful in itself, but it is the result of the Fall into sin, the fallenness of this world.  He talks about living celibately as a vocation, and how it can be so good, and doesn’t have to be a burden.   He also answers good questions about how to live celibately, how to come out, how to find healing, how to have good fulfilling relationships, and how God can use our issues like this for good.  And he talks about how the church can help.

The parallels to our issue with crossdressing are abundant.  I promise that you will be edified by watching this video!


2. Wesley Hill – Spiritual Friendship: A Gay Christian Perspective

This talk was excellent as well.  I wish everyone would watch this just to learn more about having deep strong friendships.  He talks about the importance of strong friendships for gay Christians who will not be married.   I highly recommend this video as well.

Here are two related blogs by Wesley Hill – Writing in the Dust.
Spiritual Friendship: Musings on God, Sexuality, and Relationships.


3. Justin Lee – The “Ex-Gay” Movement

This video was very interesting.  I don’t recommend it as highly as the above videos though.  It was helpful in that it had a good and important critique of the ex-gay movement and the methods of ex-gay ministries.  I think the critique is valid and something churches and ministries have to think more about.  On the other hand, I disagree with Justin Lee’s conclusions about the morality of homosexual behavior.  Still, if you are interested in the topic of therapy for those struggling with same sex attraction, this video is a good place to start.


4. Justin Lee – Gays and Christians: Building Bridges

In this talk Justin talks about how we can have better dialogue together about the issue of homosexuality (or other LGBT issues), without needlessly offending each other or getting hostile.  He gives many good tips for how we can do this.

Justin Lee is part of an organization called The Gay Christian Network.  It could be a helpful organization for many of you to check out.
Here is the description from their about page:

Founded in 2001, the Gay Christian Network (GCN) is a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to building bridges and offering support for those caught in the crossfire of one of today’s most divisive culture wars.

Our membership includes both those on Side A (supporting same-sex marriage and relationships) and on Side B (promoting celibacy for Christians with same-sex attractions). What began as an organization to provide support to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Christians has grown into a worldwide movement for compassion with many straight members as well.

GCN helps create safe spaces both online and offline for Christians of all sorts to make friends, ask questions, get support, and offer support to others.

Through conferences, speaking events, videos, message boards, and more, we’re transforming the conversation in the church and working to “share Christ’s light and love for all.”


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