Some interesting blog posts

Today I don’t have the energy to write something long, so instead I’m going to give several links to blog posts I found interesting recently relating to crossdressing, transgender issues, or gender.  Please feel free to comment below if one of the articles gives you an idea for a discussion you would like to have.  Keep in mind I don’t necessarily agree with everything in these posts, but they bring up interesting ideas to ponder, which some of you might find helpful.


Women’s lives vs. transgender people’s lives
I thought this was an interesting comparison between the experience of really being a woman and the experience of pretending to be a woman as a transsexual.  I know those with gender dysphoria have experienced real hurt, pain, brokenness, and confusion for most of their lives.  I imagine how hard it must be.  I have compassion and love for those of you struggling with this.  But blog posts like this are a great reality check to help us get past our subjective feelings about gender that conflict with objective reality.

Guest blog: Where “transgender” activists get it wrong.

Pedomorphisis and the Abortive Language of Transgenderism
(warning couple crossdressing photos)

Why Trans Children Actually Give the Lie to “Born this Way”
I have to admit it makes me shiver with horror thinking about what is happening to many children in our culture now.  A child can tell his parent that he feels like a girl and wants to be a girl, and the parent, instead of acknowledging that he feels that way and letting him grow up and continue to sort out his feelings, instead they medically alter his body at his young immature age.  Scary stuff.  I would consider this child abuse.  Unintentional for sure!  They are trying to be loving.  But still child abuse.


One comment on “Some interesting blog posts

  1. Don says:

    I agree with these articles. It seems odd that our very own US Senate just passed the employment law that gives transgenders the right to go to work as their preferred gender probably no matter how they look. It won’t pass the House but our Senators, who are supposed to be the some of the most informed people in our culture don’t know any of this stuff.

    The bill was vastly supported by the Fortune 500 companies, so this is becoming mainstream thinking.

    Men, get ready to accept that eventually being transgendered will be acceptable and the norm in this country. That won’t make much difference to our wives and families and their pain of what we were doing.

    What I am afraid of is what this will do to OUR minds. I am expecting that for some of us it will weaken our resolve and act as justification.

    For me I hope that does not happen as I have experienced transition and I don’t ever want to go back again.



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