The Blog I find MOST helpful

I’ve been perusing some of my friend Ikthys’ old blog posts.  I really just can’t recommend his site highly enough.  I know I’ve linked to his site several times already, but I don’t think many of you are taking advantage of it.  For those of you trying to work through your feelings about crossdressing, he has some good deep thoughts that will help you to understand yourself better, why you desire to crossdress, etc.  There are many topics I’ve wanted to write about that he has already written about and done a much better job than I ever could.

I seriously, honestly, strongly recommend that you read every one of his blog posts in order.  You will be edified, strengthened, and helped in your understanding of your crossdressing desires.  Just decide to read one a day or one a week or whatever fits your schedule.  It’s SO IMPORTANT in giving up crossdressing, not just to give up the behavior, but to understand why you desire what you desire, how to process it, and how to integrate many of those actually good feelings and desires in your real male self without crossdressing.  He covers these topics well.  They are IMPORTANT topics, but I don’t want to do all the work on my site that he has already done, so I’ll just try to keep highlighting his blog.

So his site – Vested Interest: My struggle with crossdressing


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