Spoof Article

I felt sick in my heart for this country after reading this article –  “Maryland Middle School Requires Children To Cross Dress For “LGBTQ Appreciation Day.”  But I sent it on to my wife, and being a more careful reader than I she figured out that it was a spoof article, at a satirical website.  Whew.  So glad she caught that.  And I’m so glad that this didn’t really happen!  However, the fact that this article was believed by many, if not most, people that read it, is an interesting thing by itself.  It was shared all over the place and other blogs and websites picked it up.  The fact that it was so believable might still tell us something about what is going on in our country.

I do know that school sponsored crossdressing events happen often around the country, but those seem to be events that are not required.  That’s a vastly different thing, but I have to admit I’m very uncomfortable with events like that too.

A lot has changed in our country regarding LGBT issues.  There have been some good changes to protect people from violence and discrimination and there have been some nonsensical foolish changes which infringe on freedom and other people’s rights.  It will be interesting to come back to this article 10 years from now and see if it has become reality by then.  Let’s hope not!


4 comments on “Spoof Article

  1. Ralph says:

    Unfortunately, very real headlines are just as disturbing. Like this one…

    Do they seriously see no potential for abuse there? “Oh, uh, this week I feel like a girl so I need to use the girls’ restroom. And showers. While your daughter is in there naked.”

    I bet this pushes more families into homeschooling.


  2. thorin25 says:

    That’s true Ralph, I’m very frustrated about these new laws that allow stuff like this. I went to public school and used to sort of look down on families who homeschooled or sent their kids to private schools. I used to think they were overreacting, but thinking about having kids of my own, there is a big part of me that would not want to my kids to go to public school. It’s a tough decision these days with all the nonsense that is going on in public schools.


  3. Don says:

    Maybe the clue that it was a spoof is the Q in LGBTQ. I have never seen it that way but the Q is for Questioning.


  4. Damaking55 says:

    Great article, I found out that the paper has put out a number of satirical articles but the problem is that just because you write satire does not make it funny. The Onion is a funny paper and it is all satire and parody. This rag is just bad all over but done in such a convincing way that people have “bought” the lies. Ralph, thanks for the CNN article as when I was going through it I also went through the comments section where I found a lot of people that seem to just say “live and let live” or back the kid. Some the more thoughtful were much more concerned that we as a society are completely forgetting about the other kids that haven’t really got a clue about what gender the identify with. I long for the days when we just had sex clearly defined as Male and Female because if we continue to accept the fallacy of “gender” then we are heading to a point where will be able to define it anyway we choose because there can be so many layers to it.



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