Sad Search Term

At least for many people crossdressing is not a harmless fun activity.  It’s a warped addiction.

Search term on google someone typed in yesterday to get to my blog –

how to “lose muscle” for “crossdresser”

Sounds eerily similar to an eating disorder to me.
I don’t often look at these search terms, but because of seeing the search term above, I looked at the search terms that people put in who found their way to my blog, over the last 30 days.  It makes my heart hurt.  You would not believe how many type in things like “help, how to stop crossdressing“, “get rid of crossdressing“, “is it possible to stop crossdressing.”  It’s easy for me to feel like there are few of us fighting crossdressing addictions when I don’t get many comments on my blog.  But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other men out there trying to quit.   I hope they might find at least a little help through my words, and the other blogs and links I have linked to.


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