Taking a short break

I will be taking a break from my blog for about a month at least.  I am going to be very busy coming up with my real life ministry.  That ministry comes before this blog ministry.  I need to have a focused mind for the full weeks ahead.  And it’s time for a break from the blog anyway.  I really am tired of thinking about crossdressing, so I will be glad for the break!

In the meantime, Andrew, one of the men from my prayer chain, and author of a few guest posts (see here), is going to approve any comments you make on my blog posts.  If you need anything, please talk to Andrew and he can contact me if necessary.  But he is knowledgeable and caring and will provide you with a listening ear and he will pray for you.

While I am away there will not be new posts for a while.  This is a great time to catch up on old posts you may have never read!  See this listing of all my old posts.  Feel free to comment on them as you read, and I’ll try to respond to you when I come back to my blog again.  You could also read these Guest Posts from other authors in our community.

I’ve also been informed that my 1-3 posts every week can be a bit much to keep up with.  So after my break I’ll be writing posts less often as well, maybe one a week or so.


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