“Genitalia Are not Destiny” – But Are They Design?

Here is a recent article written by pastor John Piper in the US – “Genitalia Are not Destiny” – But Are They Design?

It’s an article pointing out the foolishness of transgender arguments from a Christian and biblical perspective.  It’s short and worth the quick read.


3 comments on ““Genitalia Are not Destiny” – But Are They Design?

  1. EricP says:

    Slate had a response to the National Review piece which was a nastier and longer version of John Piper’s arguments. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2014/06/national_review_laverne_cox_story_the_science_of_sex_and_transgenderism.html

    I realize you don’t agree with psychiatrists, but I’d push back on that. You have personal experience and experience of your fellow fighters. They have training and exposure to a larger audience. If my doctor told me I had diabetes, I would seriously consider his opinion.

    Likewise, if a psychiatrist told you that your theology was wrong because his experience is different what would you say?


  2. thorin25 says:

    Our experience and learning in the world always should interact with our theology and vice versa, and hopefully they correct each other. For example, the author of Genesis never intended to teach science, but for centuries we interpreted Genesis 1-2 incorrectly and thought wrong things about the form of the universe. But what we have learned from looking at God’s world has helped to inform us that we were reading those passages wrong. It’s not that the passages were wrong, but we were reading them incorrectly.

    God reveals truth through his world and our reason and exploring of the world, but also through Scripture. General and special revelation. We need both. The Word is primary and authoritative, but whatever we learn from the world has to fit with it. So we should not fear any learning at all in any field of study.

    I don’t disagree with psychiatrists in a flat out complete way. They have many good things to teach that I agree with. And I’m not afraid of reading any of their studies. My point originally was that just because they say something about this issue, it doesn’t mean I agree with it. I think I have much more insight on this issue than any psychiatrist except for the few who have talked to hundreds of people like me while studying this issue, and those who have experienced these issues themselves. Most psychiatrists don’t understand it all other than what they read in their manual.

    Further they commonly make moral assumptions based on their research, that I think are logical leaps. For example, one of the most common – if you were born a certain way, you need to accept yourself and live that way. The Bible (and common sense) teaches that just because you were born with certain inclinations, that doesn’t mean you should give in to them. (homosexual desires, crossdressing desires, etc).


  3. thorin25 says:

    The Slate article is deeply flawed. I’ve written many times that intersexual conditions do not do anything to prove that there are more than 2 sexes. In fact, the existence of intersexual people only supports the binary. These are not people with perfectly healthy male bodies who feel like females. They are people with genetic defects. I’m not going to spend time writing pages repeating myself. You can read my other blog posts on the subject of intersex – https://healingcd.wordpress.com/category/hermaphrodites/


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