Male and Female Brains

This article – Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal – helps to show us that the two sexes God made are indeed different.  Not only that, they are complementary and go well together.  There is a reason God did not plan for two men to marry each other.  And God made two different sexes and they are beautiful in their diversity.  Men should not pretend to be women, and vice versa.  And people should stop with the ridiculous notion that gender has nothing to do with biology.

One thing I’d like to point out, once again, is this: This article talks about general differences between men and women, but still each person is a unique individual.  On any given characteristic, you might find someone of the opposite sex that is more pronounced in that characteristic than you, even though the trait is usually found in your own sex.  But if you take a male as a whole person, and a female as a whole person, it would seem that they both would fit more of the general different traits for their different sexes, and have less traits that are unexpected for their sex.

I’d also like to add that men and women are more the same than we are different.  So while the differences are there, we do a disservice to ourselves to make those differences into extremes, and have unhealthy expectations for how men and women should act.  Just because women’s brains might be wired to be more emotionally involved than men’s brains, it doesn’t mean we should encourage the extremes of thinking that women are uncontrollably emotional and men are cold and stoic.

It’s about balance.  We need to recognize that men and women are different and find beauty in that.  But we don’t want to emphasize the differences to unhealthy extremes so as to make a person fill like they don’t fit in with the rest of the members of their sex because they do not fit those expected cultural extremes.


9 comments on “Male and Female Brains

  1. EricP says:

    If there was a difference between brain scan sex and genitalia sex, how and why would you choose one over the other?


  2. thorin25 says:

    Good question. But from what I have read, the differences they have so far found in transgendered person’s brains are not conclusive. From what I’ve read they scan as clearly male brain but in one tiny area may be more like a female brain than a male brain. It makes it even more difficult in that people’s brains change over time. So even if you could say a mtf transsexual’s brain was like a female, you would have to prove that it started that way, rather than being shaped that way because of behavior.


  3. Ralph says:

    That leads me to wonder if they scanned the brains of any physically intersex, or self-identified transgender, people. Would a man who feels like “a woman trapped in a man’s body” have brain activity more closely resembling that of a woman? Or would it reveal his error, showing that his brain is just as male as they come? What about homosexuals? Or men like me who assert complete manhood, but have a number of tendencies almost exclusively associated with femininity — not just wearing dresses, but an aversion to confrontation, a tendency to cry more easily, a stronger nurturing instinct, etc.

    I suppose a smart person would actually *read* the article before posting this speculation, but that’s not how I roll. Posting these comments first, and *THEN* I’ll go back and read the link 🙂


  4. Tiffany says:

    This site is totally bogus and proof that you really can put anything on the internet. Why would I ever choose to be, act or dress like a woman even though I’m a man? If god did not make me this way then why – even though I have run and hid and felt ashamed and hated myself because I just couldn’t be normal no matter how hard I tried – did I keep coming back to it? Even though It brought no good, I hated myself, everyone around me hated me, I was completely alone, I never felt like I was good enough to be a human and never even knew why I just couldn’t stop and be normal and even harmed myself and attempted suicide because I am what god made me and could not be something else. It takes someone truly ignorant to believe its a matter of choice. If you do believe in god and you do believe god made us all the way we are then why do you question his work? With this logic people born with mental illnesses or deformation or any kind of disability is their choice. I am a man and I am attracted to women, I have been diagnosed with having no emotions or very little at best, and I’d say I fit perfectly beside the rest of my gender…Until the urge or need becomes overwhelming and I cannot escape it. I never wanted to be a cross-dresser and have tried for 15 years to stop and cannot.God made me this way and that is what I am. You cannot tell me you believe homosexuality or dressing like the opposite sex is wrong in god’s eyes because that’s saying god made a mistake. As for biology, why would I do something that has landed me in the hospital multiple times because people of god nearly beat me to death for wearing an article of clothing that women are know for wearing and then do it again? It defies all sane logic unless you consider the fact that I was made this way. Why don’t you make your next blog an attack on people with Autism because god didn’t make them that way, or an attack on someone from another religion because your god says their religion is wrong? Why is it that people who follow man written books from men who claimed to be writing the word of god; are always the most arrogant, ignorant, wickedest, judgmental, murderous and hateful people alive? I’m pretty sure Jesus traveled among criminals, prostitutes and thief’s judgement free and accepting of all of his fathers creations. WHAT MAKES YOU (and other bible followers) THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN THE SON OF GOD? Who are you to judge? Did god tell you its wrong or did he put another creation here for you to condemn because of the way he made them with a slogan that in other words says “God must have made a mistake and you must heal from what he has made you”. Of the two of us, the man who likes to dress like a woman is the only one with faith that god is omniscient, with compassion for all of god’s creations and the wisdom to know that we all were made by him in his image to rejoice and celebrate the life in which we were given rather than darken it. Ive never questioned his word because he has never spoken it. But if god didn’t want me to dress like a woman he wouldn’t have made me the way I am and if god didn’t want homosexuals around I’m sure he wouldn’t have made them or perhaps unleashed another Sodom or Gomorrah, made it rain brimstone and ash, flooded the planet or maybe unleashed 7 deadly plagues again.And by the way I don’t believe any of these man made religions here because they all seem to be about absolutism, domination and brutality against any kind of minority or different takes on religion and last but not least, bent on destroying gods most precious creations…Mankind. One last thing, how do you recover from god? You really should do a blog for people born with disabilities next. “Recover from only %3 brain functionality through faith” or “it doesn’t matter how he made you because we have other plans”. Because everyone knows that if it Isn’t in the crudely translated and poorly assembled collection books – that was hand written hundreds or years ago by people who’s credibility and very own existence cannot even be established, believed that god was speaking to them the holy word and the way the world is supposed to be and then passed on to a man who picked and chose from the “sacred word of god” and decided which of gods words went into his bible and then oppressed millions using that very own book as his weapon to accomplish extremely greedy tasks using terrorism as a weapon to keep the slaves in order to rise to power, wage religious war and MURDER hundreds of thousands of gods creations in the name of god, by the word of god and under the authority of god because god made a mistake; for real – that it is by all means as blasphemous as the very bloody foundation your religion and must be eradicated. You cant tell me you believe that you’re not gay because you choose not to be. Think about that one, think about how repulsive the thought of intercourse with the same sex is to you and imagine if you felt that way about the opposite sex since birth. Its not a choice, quit trying to change your gods creations, he made them that way for a reason or he wouldn’t have made so many of them. Did you even spend two seconds thinking about this or maybe even reading your bible before you set up such a demonized display of hatred for another creation of god because you don’t understand his work? I’ve heard of someone like that, a fallen angel, he hated that god created humans with free will…. Oh yes, SATAN. Understand ourselves better what a joke. How many desperate people have come here in hopes that people like you will stop hurting them for the way they were made? How many people did you convince that you can change your brain physiology and chemistry by praying to the god that made you that way? With that logic lets pray that he turn murder, hatred, ignorance and intolerance into god points so you and the millions of people like you don’t go to hell when you die. God doesn’t make mistakes you fool.


  5. Tiffany says:

    I cant believe you literally tortured yourself until you could muster the strength to hide from what god made you and pretend its not there. All to get into the graces of god and be something other than gods propose for you. You slapped god in the face so he would forgive you for being what he intended for you to be. I hold gods gift to me high and will not let anyone tell me I.m less than what I am because god also gave me the strength to endure and overcome all evil in my path he set for me as long as I hold him close and believe in him and his plan. Jesus didn’t want to be mankind’s savior…Jesus didn’t defy god. Jesus bravely embraced gods plan for him. Just in case you wanted to know what would Jesus do; If Jesus were born a crossdresser or a homosexual he would not have forsaken gods plan and started a following against it. He would have accepted his place in gods plan because an eternity is a long time to burn in agony for defying gods will.,


  6. thorin25 says:

    Tiffany, I’m very sorry about the supposed Christians who beat you and abused you. That is tragic and wrong. And I am sorry for the pain you’ve gone through.

    That said, your pain gives you no right to come here and abuse me. I have no hate or ill-will toward you, yet you go on a couple page long rambling rant calling me a fool and ignorant and calling me hateful. Your pain does not give you the right to be an arrogant hateful bigot towards me, when I have nothing but love for you. I will delete any further comments from you unless you change your attitude.

    I do not believe believe that we chose to want to crossdress. But even if we were born with the desire to crossdress, it does not entail that we should give in to that desire. Otherwise on that logic all men should give in to their natural desires to have sex with many different women all the time. Please read this post –

    If the Bible is the Word of God, we have to respect all of it. If it’s not, then chuck it into the rubbish bin. If Jesus is God, then we have to listen to ALL that he said. If he is not, than of course ignore him. You are looking to pick and choose what to follow from what he said. The Jesus I know, like you said, shows us amazing compassion mercy and hung out with sinners. Yet he also warned them of the judgments of sin, and told them, “Go and sin no more!”

    You will find no hate on this website. The goal is to help people, not harm people. A good lesson for you, that I suggest, is to read more than one blog post of a blog before lambasting the author and spouting nonsense and accusations.


  7. Tiffany says:

    I apologize for my rude and hostile demeanor towards you to begin with and feel foolish myself for ranting like that. I respect that that is your belief and had no right to be so mean and go off like that. To be honest I do not believe in god and should have never spoken a word about it. I was being a total jerk. I honestly just feel like you’re telling people that it is wrong to be who you are. I can’t lie I never wanted to be this and tried to quit many times in the past and finally came to accept that it is me. I looked at this and saw it as you trying to gather people against people like me. I guess Im just tired of being hated and being ridiculed for who and what I am when it is not possible to change. It was completely wrong of me to perceive something as hate and immediately respond with not only hate but an attack on what you believe just because I don’t agree. I cannot say I have love for you because I’m not very emotional but I do respect you and honestly way to show me that I am the one who is the fool and by being kind. I have never had it in me to be the bully and when I saw that you are no bully, but a man who wants to live his own life, worship his god, be in control and happy… I could not justify my… Ill leave the bad words out there. I am truly and honestly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I actually read through your whole blog and it wasn’t until you showed me just now that you aren’t the hateful demon I thought you to be by returning my extremely prejudice and uncalled for, rude and hateful words with kindness and wisdom.I truly learned a lesson from you today that I will never forget. Not everybody has horrible intentions. I still do not agree your opinion here I respect it 100% and do realize that you mean to help people. Again I am truly sorry for my harsh words earlier. You are no fool, you are following your heart and what you believe to be right which is what I believe everyone should do and above all you are obviously happy. I cannot say you are wrong because I will never know and I am truly humbled by you. I hope you continue to live your life how you want and how you see fit and I hope you have many more happy years ahead of you. I’m glad you decided to post my opinion because it really made me feel ashamed and stupid and honestly I hope you decide to remove them.

    P.S. Its better to keep your mouth shut and people think your stupid than open it and prove it to them. I am the only fool here tonight.


  8. thorin25 says:

    Wow thank you so much for your apology. That really means a lot to me. I appreciate it. I’m sorry for my comment even being too harsh too.

    Tiffany, remember that you and I were/are in the same boat. I know how you feel (though I haven’t had to deal with the open prejudice and bullying that you have faced which really sucks and again I’m sorry my brothers and sisters in Christ treated you so badly). I also have this unexplainable desire to crossdress that I didn’t want. I can honestly say two things. 1. The want/need to crossdress is vastly incredibly diminished from what it was 6 years ago. 2. I still have those thoughts and desires from time to time.

    Like you I tried to quit many many times with no success. But it wasn’t until I really believed that I could stop, got some friends around me to help me, and took time to unpack and understand my crossdressing desires. Much of what is this blog is just me trying to sort out my own feelings. When I realized that I didn’t have some true inner female soul, but was just creating a make believe woman to masturbate to, instead of a real woman, I realized how foolish it was. I had had enough of it destroying my life, wasting away my time, and confusing my mind. So I made a decision to stop, and stop I did. I can’t lie to you and say that since that time 6 years ago or so, that I never crossdressed again, but the times have been few and it no longer has control over my life, no longer has the same power, no longer is satisfying, and I have never been happier to get it out of my life. I believe firmly that there is hope for you too if you wanted to quit.

    But really, none of that matters if you don’t have meaning and purpose in life, if you don’t have joy, peace, to know that your sins are forgiven, to know that you have a hopeful future, to know that the God of the universe loves you.

    So at the end of the day, crossdress or don’t crossdress, it doesn’t matter that much if you don’t have that relationship with God through Jesus, that meaning and purpose in life.

    I’m grateful for this conversation. It has brightened my day to see an interaction that started so badly end so well, and I’m grateful for you. As we go our separate ways, let me just say this.

    Please think about life, God, and your place in this world. If you want to find out more from me, I’d love to talk to you more.

    Secondly, please continue to look around and read my posts and if you want to debate and dialogue and together learn and try to figure ourselves out, I’d love to have further conversation with you and learn from your perspectives as well. I actually have people who regularly crossdress and don’t feel bad about it conversing with me on this site and we can have good conversations together trying to understand ourselves even if we don’t do the same things in life.

    May the Lord bless you, make his face shine upon you, and reveal himself to you in a powerful way.


  9. thorin25 says:

    Oh if you want me to remove your comment, just ask. I think it’s fine to keep it there, but I will certainly respect your wishes if you want it gone.


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