John Piper on Transgender

I thought both of these audio interviews with pastor John Piper in the USA were good.  He doesn’t say anything a whole lot different than what I have said.  But it’s nice to hear these things from another pastor.

One point I thought was especially interesting was what he said about men being prone to violence.  This can be easily proven biologically and scientifically.  And yet I have never heard anyone say that it is morally okay for men to commit acts of violence, just because they are prone to do so because of their testosterone.  Biologically we are hardwired to desire and commit violence.  Yet it is not okay to do so.  Being born with a desire does not mean it is morally okay to give in to that desire.

Yes, clearly, some people are born feeling like they are the wrong sex.  They want to live as the other sex.  But being born with this desire to be the opposite sex does not entail it is morally good (or good for the person), to try to then live as the opposite sex.

I also appreciated what he said about people born with intersexual conditions.  He said similar to things to what I have already written in other posts.


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