Healing is Possible

I would assume that many of my readers out there are skeptical that healing from crossdressing addiction is possible.  Some might say, “sure maybe Thorin could stop crossdressing just because he is a pastor and has need to stop because of his job, but for most people they will not have enough motivation to really quit and still be happy.”  I’m not sure exactly what people say, but this short post is to give some hope that I am not alone.

On my email prayer chain we’ve had around 60 men join over the last few years.  But our number is at less than 60 right now.  Why is that?  I’m sure there are some who have joined our chain who went back to crossdressing and stopped responding to emails.  They are still with us and not very communicative, so they do not account for our number being less.  However, there are some people who have officially left our group and told us why.  And their reason is that they got their crossdressing under control.  They found good healing in their heart, mind, and body from our Lord Jesus with this issue of crossdressing.

Is healing possible?  Yes it is!  I am not the only one by far.  There are men who deal with this sin of crossdressing and get it out of their life, who never share their secret with others and never share their story online.   And then I can testify that 5-10 people have left our prayer group specifically because crossdressing was no longer a big struggle for them.  They were able to have self-control.  They were no longer crossdressing, and no longer was it causing strife in their life.  Their desires for crossdressing had lessened and they were ready to leave our group and live their lives and stop thinking about crossdressing altogether!  Most of the rest of our group is no longer crossdressing either, but we stay in the group to help support each other to continue, and we stay around to help others who come to our group who want to stop.

There is hope.  If you are struggling with crossdressing, it is only a false rationalization and excuse to say that healing is not really possible.  If you really want to quit, you can, and still lead a healthy and happy life.  If you want to keep crossdressing, we can’t stop you.  But don’t keep spreading the lie that it is impossible to change, that you can’t live a full life without crossdressing.  Those lies need to be removed.  Healing is possible!  Crossdressing can be dealt with and stopped!


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