Biological basis for transgenderism?

In various posts on my blog I’ve looked at studies and articles about whether there are truly brain differences between transgender men and non-transgender men.  It’s something that interests me and every article I read seems to say something different.  It’s clear that that there are indeed some differences, but why are those differences there?  This blog I found is dedicated to exploring these issues, and the argument there is that the brain differences exist because of the female hormones that transsexuals take, and it is not that those differences existed from youth.   It is an interesting blog with a lot of well researched content.  If you are curious about this issue, it’s a good place to start.

The blog also clearly articulates what “intersex” is all about, and how it is completely different from transsexualism, and should not be used to argue for it.


One comment on “Biological basis for transgenderism?

  1. Kristjan says:

    For comparision you might want read this website:


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