“It’s a (tbd)!” – Article about transgender

Here is a great article about transgender issues referring the slate article about transgendered people that went around recently.  It’s sensitive yet speaks the truth.   “It’s a (tbd)!” – by Karen Swallow Prior.

It examines the illogical nature of saying we are able as people to choose what sex we want to be.  Here is maybe the most important quote from the article –

But the reason the article cannot be taken seriously is simply that it doesn’t take itself seriously. For if our physical bodies have nothing whatsoever to do with our identity as male or female, then, to paraphrase Becket, there is no more male or female. Why would a child assigned at birth as an “it” need to choose a gender at all? Why even retain the binary of female/male?”

Those arguing for transgender ideology are on the one hand denying that there is a binary of male/female.  People can be whatever they want to be.  Their body does not matter.  And yet they affirm the binary and the importance of it when they say that they can no longer live without getting a sex change so that they can live as a “male” or “female.”  Their body matters to them so much that they are willing to spend thousands to get it surgically altered to fit their identity.   This makes me think that transsexuals probably have a very strange feeling towards their own body, that is a confused mixture of thinking it is worthless, does not matter, and doesn’t function as part of their identity, and also feeling that its vitally important, and forms an important part of their identity.

What is the real solution?

“The vision offered by Christian theology departs radically from the seductive tyranny of caprice. Just as each person is procreated through the triune, differentiated, nature of sexual union – male, female, offspring (a triad that reflects the triune nature of God) – so, too, each person’s identity and selfhood are created through differentiation or individuation. Such diversity is the essence of God’s character, His acts of creation, the procreative human act and nature.

Nature has not yet been played out. Her dictates are often harsh and always inviolable, yet her gifts are grand. It’s the grandness of those gifts that Christians are called to bear witness to, and that includes the gift of being created male or female.”



3 comments on ““It’s a (tbd)!” – Article about transgender

  1. Kirk says:

    It’s a (tbd)! by Karen Swallow Prior… Interesting read.
    I don’t like struggling with this crap and sometimes I wish there was a switch to turn it off. With 40 years of habit built in its easier to say “no next time” than actually there “being no next time”. I thank God every day for my Lord and savior, Christ Jesus, for his mercy on my soul because that allows me to wake up the following morning to enjoy a new day with a clean slate.

    Abstinence is a choice, I get it, but sometimes I get in those screw it modes, like yesterday, and say, “I like wearing high heels, skirts and blouses, or I tell myself it’s part of me so act upon the desire – frustrating because it’s all for the sexual high and it’s so deceptively intriguing yet so isolating, lonely, sinful and emotionally draining!

    I do enjoy stretches without acting girly, the most recent was two weeks and I look forward to the opportunity to stretch it out further… now where did I put the straight jacket! One has to have a sense of humor otherwise he can actually go crazy!
    Peace and lots of love to you all for your openness and honesty!
    Cheers – Kirk (Or is it Crystal – more humor)


  2. thorin25 says:

    Thank you, and God bless you as you continue to find healing in this struggle!


  3. Ralph says:

    This ties in with my theory that trans-whatever communities actually reinforce, rather than break free from gender stereotypes. The non-trans world may be occasionally uncomfortable with a girl who plays hockey or a boy who plays with dolls or sews, but they can still be the sex they were born into.

    The trans world seems to jump to the conclusion that “If you do {x}, you must be a girl and if you do {y} you must be a boy, even if your body was born otherwise.”

    When I was first trying to sort out the confusion that crossdressing had brought into my personality, I *almost* bought into the lie that the various stereotypically feminine traits — prefer dresses, emotionally sensitive, afraid of confrontation, nurturing, etc. — meant that I must be destined for womanhood. I suppose it’s fortunate that I did NOT have access in pre-internet days with others like me, or they would likely have convinced me that I should go through with SRS.

    The crossdressing itself is still an unresolved issue between me and God, but through His intervention He saved me from a terrible, irreversible mistake and made me see myself for the man that I was born to be.


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