Need Faith to Combat Lust

Here is an excellent audio clip of John Piper explaining how sexual sin is really a problem of unbelief.  Listen to it – here.  When we give in to crossdressing or pornography or masturbation, it is partially a matter of self-control, partially a matter of upbringing and personality and everything I’ve talked about on this blog.  But it is also partially a matter of unbelief.  Not knowing God is one of the root causes of lust.

In my personal experiences lately, I’ve been experiencing something wonderful about worship.  When I worship, I mean when I really worship (meaning that I am actually focusing on God rather than mindlessly singing or praying), the temptations go away.   When I really worship, my life is changed by that encounter with God’s presence.  When I really worship, my love for Jesus and my experience of his love transforms me.   Real worship and real faith and real relationship with God drives away lust and our other desires to sin.

In connection to this idea, I have also found that the times I have failed the most in crossdressing related sins have been those times when I am feeling distant from God or even doubting him or what the Bible says.  And that makes sense.  If God is not real and the Bible is not true and life is truly meaningless and without hope, then we might as well destroy ourselves in the fleeting pleasures of sin.  And so during those times of doubt I have gone into sin.   But when I am spending time with God each day, enjoying his presence and love, and filled with faith, the temptations to crossdress or masturbate diminish 500%.

So work on your relationship with God if you want to stop crossdressing.  If you are spiritually empty you will not be able to fight that difficult battle!



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