Change is possible!

Yes you CAN stop crossdressing.  You can find a change in your desires.  You can have self-control.  You can save your marriage. You can stop fantasizing about crossdressing.  You can live as a man.  You can still be happy.  Change is possible.  It is possible to stop crossdressing.

Does it take hard work?  Yes.  But healing is possible.  You can stop dressing like a woman.  You can find real lasting change as well as internal peace.

I’ve had this blog up for over 3 years.  In that time I have talked to more men than I have counted, who have stopped crossdressing completely.  Some have been Christians, some have not been.  Some are still in my prayer group.  But some were once in our group and moved on once they were healthy, happy, and crossdressing was completely out of their life.

I’m not making any false cheap promises.  Crossdressing/transvestism is a nasty piece of work.  It’s a hard addiction to get rid of.  Even today I experience temptations once in a while, small desires to crossdress that I have to resist.  So I am not naive and promising a magic pill that will take away your desires to cross-dress.  That would be stupid.  But I am saying clearly, in opposition to all the crossdressing BS/propaganda out there on the net, that it is possible to change.

It is obvious logically first of all.  You are able to control what you do.  You have freewill.  You don’t have to keep dressing in such a strange way.  But it is now obvious to me because of testimonies as well.  If all of these dozens of men that I know have done it, than you can too.

For those who say, “I have to crossdress because it’s something that will never go away,”  that is a cheap cop-out and an excuse.  You are only crossdressing because you still want to.  If you wanted to do the hard work of quitting, changing, and healing from that addiction, than you could.  You can stop the activity immediately.  And as far as the gender confusion and crossdressing desires you experience, those can change over time as well, through new conditioning, through the abstinence, understanding yourself better, and other measures, you can find that those desires lessen and lessen and at times seem almost non-existent.

CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!  Freedom can be had!  It begins by acknowledging that you can change.

If you want to begin the process of change, (and it is a process, not a one-time event), you can get some good help from reading my blog and the links I have linked to.  You can also read my blog posts and look at joining our prayer group:

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4 comments on “Change is possible!

  1. Mark Rivers says:

    Gonna get back into this blog! Heaven knows I’ve been trying to fight this with varied success for the last 4 years..Good to see you are still at it Thorin..I feel like the Psalmist in 88 v 5 where he says “Free among the dead, like the slain who lie in the grave, whom thou rememberest no more and are cut off from thy right hand.” Such is the sense of isolation and separation from God it seems to cause. At least with Diabetes or Depression you can go to a doctor for help ..who can help here? With every failure comes such recrimination to the point one almost…almost gives up and tries to relativise the Word of God. Happy Christmas.


  2. thorin25 says:

    Mark so good to hear from you! You’ve been afk for so long. I only assumed that you went back to CD, when we didn’t hear from you. Are you on the email chain still or do I need to re-add you? Whatever you’ve done, there is forgiveness. God’s mercies are new every morning. Time to get back into your life, back to victory, and back to us. You’ve been away too long. Glad to have you back

    I’ve been praying for you much, and believe God has answered my prayers now that you are back


  3. Kirk says:

    Hi Thorin,

    Thanks for keeping this blog going. With nearly 40 years of fighting this insanity I’m grateful to have you as an advocate for those of us who truly wish to stop. I’m working towards total abstinence from crossdressing again. Yes, again as I’ve experienced about 1 1/2 years of abstinence from cross dressing about a year ago. Doing 12 step work has helped and has been a God send because it has given me many wonderful people to speak with and lean on. Even though they aren’t CDer’s they too struggle with sexual addiction and in that we find common ground to work on recovery. Also, to help my recovery I find listening to more Christian rock instead of rock n’ roll, and also listening to podcasts from Ravi Zacharias, Joyce Myers, Chuck Swindoll, and Greg Laurie helps keep my mind focused on my Lord, Jesus Christ. Ravi is my favorite to listen to, he’s so spot on with his ministry.

    I’m on the mends with my wife who left me just over 4 years ago. Crossdressing cannot be a way of life not only because it interferes with my relationship with my wife but more importantly it interferes my relationship with God. New Years Eve will be spent with my wife ringing in a new year of hope. There’s still lots of work on my part but (Philippians 4:13) “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

    Peace to you brother Thorin and to all of you out there putting in the effort to do the will of God!

    Happy New Year!


  4. thorin25 says:

    Kirk, thanks for the message! Sounds like great things going on, so so so happy to hear about what God is doing with you and your wife, as i keep talking to so many men whose marriages are splitting up.

    Want to join our prayer support group?


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