Tolerance and Freedom

There is certainly a lot going on in our nation right now figuring out issues of religious freedom, homosexuality, and learning how to live together in a tolerant way.  Some of what is being talked about is quite confusing, but I was helped by this article from the Gospel Coalition, and the video in the same link of Gore and Clinton explaining the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  I’m learning that much of what gets passed around on tweets, facebook, blogs, and even the news is simply false.  There is a lot of misinformation and assumptions on both sides, both liberal and conservative.  This article is very fact based and simply explains the issues.

What You Should Know About Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

Powerful Quote from the Article – “Many media outlets identified the Indiana bill as being “anti-gay.” Unfortunately, rather than being outraged at finding they were lied to by politicians and journalists, most Americans will not bother to learn the truth and will remain ignorant about these important laws that protect our “first freedom.”


I am so weary of these arguments, yet I know they are extremely important.  I decided that other than this post, I’m not going to do much on my blog linking to all the different good articles I’m reading about these issues.  I’m also not going to get into the issues of Christians discriminating, or not making cakes for a gay wedding, and all the other issues related to religious freedom and homosexuality and all the debate going on right now.  There are many good resources out there.  My view, simply put, is that I want to have the right to believe that homosexual behavior is sinful and wrong, and yet I also am very loving and tolerant of homosexuals as I am with any other kind of person who is living in a way that I don’t think accords with my Christian faith.  For more of my views on tolerance, freedom, beliefs, and judgmentalism, see this long post of mine – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

When I first started this blog, I felt heavily attacked by many crossdressers who did not believe I should have the right to freedom of speech and they wanted to see my blog disappear.  I am thankful that it has gotten better since that time.  I feel like there is more tolerance in the crossdressing internet community towards my blog than there used to be.  I know that there are still hostile crossdressers out there that continue to spread vicious ridiculous lies about my blog trying to steer people away.  But for the most part, people have learned to accept my presence here (I should say “our” presence since my blog represents a whole community of men who have all given up crossdressing and are supporting one another).  For that tolerance, I am grateful.  I know that I have strong views about this issue of crossdressing.  I think it is wrong, confused, messed up, and damaging.  But I also tolerate those that disagree with me.  Were a young crossdresser to come to me as a pastor for counseling, I would respond with love, grace, and a listening ear.  If my neighbor was a regular crossdresser who even crossdressed in public, I would still spend time with such a person being a friendly neighbor.  If I owned a store, and a crossdresser came to purchase things from my store, I would still sell to such a person.  I believe I am very tolerant, but I can be so without compromising on my beliefs, just as a crossdresser can be tolerant of me without compromising his beliefs.

I have been severely depressed with the direction our country is going on the issues of taking away religious freedom and becoming exceedingly intolerant, especially towards Christians or other conservative groups who don’t fit in with the religion of liberalism.  But maybe there is some hope.  These issues are coming to the forefront of everyone’s attention.  It’s the main headline in the news.  Perhaps as we keep talking, keep discussing, everyone will come away from these conversations being more tolerant and more loving, both conservative Christians and liberal non-Christians.  That would be wonderful and what I pray for.


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