Detransitioning and Regret

I’ve been reading up about people who got medical surgeries to alter the way their bodies look, to live as the opposite sex, who then later on, decided to stop taking the hormones and live as their original biological sex once again.  These transsexuals, for various reasons, expressed regret about their former decisions, and made another radical life decision to “detransition” and go back to living as themselves, as their true sex.

I thought about linking to several blogs about specific people who are detransitioning, but I decided not to for various reasons.  You can find them easily enough yourself by going to google and searching for “detransitioning.”  Each story is as unique as each person, which makes it a bit hard to generalize, but still I’d like to offer a couple thoughts on this.

I think the number of people doing this (though their reasons and beliefs differ), should give transgendered people pause and caution before they jump into living a life contrary to their biological sex.  Actually, I would never advise anyone to make such a sex change, but even if someone disagreed with most of my meaning-in-life views, philosophical views, theological views, and my views on sex/gender, I think one could still reconsider their intent to get a sex change, just by reading some of these stories of similar people who regretted what they did.

On this phenomenon of regret here is a helpful article:

The Transgender Con? Many “Transgender” People Regret Switch

I am disturbed, but not surprised, by the article stating that those who destransition and speak out are attacked by transgender activists.  The article is powerful and in the quotations brings up many arguments I’ve also made on this website against transgender ideology.  You cannot make a man into a woman.  You can only surgically alter his body.  The proper response is not cutting someone’s body, but giving them counseling, a listening ear, and encouragement to be secure in who they really are as God made them to be, body and soul.  It’s interesting that in our culture we talk a lot about accepting ourselves for who we are, and not trying to be someone else.  Yet when it comes to those with transgender feelings, we tell them to accept their personality and character traits, but not to accept their body.   Why can’t we help them to accept ALL of themselves?  That they are a man, but still they can enjoy cooking, children, being gentle, loving beauty, being sensitive?  Do those things make them not a man?  Of course not.

Also on this phenomenon of detransitioning is a website dedicated to sharing stories of transsexuals who have experienced regret:

Sex Change Regret

While reading some of the blogs I have not linked to, I was disturbed.  Some of the people, instead of realizing that what they did in the first place was wrong, they cherish the time lived as the opposite sex.  They seem to take delight in being able to experience life both ways, first as a boy, then as a woman, then as a man.  It’s like they treasure being able to go back and forth and back and forth.  Is that what sex/gender has become?  A free for all?  We can be man or woman, whenever we want, for however long we want, just to enjoy what each has to offer us for our own happiness?  What happened to biological reality and common sense?  This kind of thinking in some ways goes against the very transgender ideology that these people used in the first place to argue for their transitions.


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